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    I hate to break the affirming nature of this board but I'd like to tell this story because it may act as a precautionary note to other DL's out there.

    I'm a 62 year old male DL.

    About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to try wetting at night and waking up in a wet diaper. I usually pee standing up, during the day.

    One night, I woke up to wet and as I started to pee, I felt a sharp, excruciating pain in my groin area. I reached down into my diaper and grabbed and shook my pee pee and the pain went away. However, the same thing happened again a few nights later.

    About a week later, I developed persistent pain (4 on a scale of 10) in my groin and ended up at the urologist. I didn't mention my diaper experience to him. After several visits, he diagnosed it as prostatitis and said that what had happened was that my 'flow' was blocked and backing up into my prostate. He recommended laser surgery. I said no.

    The thing is that I believe what happened was that the tip of my pee pee was pressed into a fold in the diaper, blocking the flow as I tried to wet. This caused the pee to backup into my prostate and ultimately the prostatitis.

    Prostatitis is a condition that involves inflammation of the prostate. The pain made me not want to 'cum' for several weeks and when I finally did, it was a dark color and had an odd smell, obviously inflammation.

    It has taken me a full year to fully recover from this and the pain slowly diminished over a six month period.

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    I suffer from Pelvic Paindisorder/chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Wearing diapers should not be causing urine to back up into your prostate. Your doctor is getting at the possibilty that you have a stricture or other structural abnormality. The back pressure caused by the diaper is not very significant. Usually urinating to soon after ejaculation causes the issues you are talking about. Ejaculate is vscoius and gelatanous initally, then after 15 minutes it liquefies. If one tries to urinate before the leftover ejaculate in thier genitourinary tract has liquefied, it can create substantial pressure amd pain. Still urine should not irritate your prostate this much. Perhaps your vitamins and minerals are off thus allowing prostate calculi or stones to form. Make sure your magnesium, zinc, and calcium are balanced. Too much calcium without balancing it can be a bad thing. Letting your urine carry a bunch of calcium back into your prostate is a no no.

    As far as your ejaculate being foul and oddly coloured... Sounds like bacterial prostatitus. Your lucky. At least your prostatitis will go away with antibiotics. Antibiotics were about as good as holy water for me.

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    Mate, whilst I'm sorry to hear and wish you a speedy recovery, I must still say, that you've got a couple of medical facts mixed up.

    Whilst the prostate partially surrounds the urethra, pee doesn't pass through it...
    To this day I have not heated of urine backing up into then prostate...
    Even if you basically clamp off e penis this doesn't work doesn't happen at any rate.

    So quite certainly your prostataitis was not caused by your diapers.

    What can happen and is considered to be one of the more common cause is that the bacteria escherichie Coli (e.coli) can "travel" through the urinary tract and spread to the prostata, causing prostataitis.
    However this is not caused by urine being "blocked"

    Now if you mess your diapers (I can't really comment as I find this highly out of my range of stuff) it could lead to LOT more e.coli around the entrance penis-side for the urethra... And thus promote the spread and thus the e.coli.

    Other than that, a lot of patients having a prostataitis never have worn diapers besids during childhood.

    The correlation simply isn't there.

    Medical stuff aside, have you thought that according to your theory millions of incontinent and bedwetters around the world would be frequent candidates for prostatitis... But they're not - at least no more than non Ic non bedwetters .

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    I have chronic non-bacterial prostatitis too. I also have OAB and IBS with occasional kidney stones to boot. As others have said, I do not believe you can get prostatitis from the tip of your penis pressing against a diaper causing too much pressure. You CAN get prostatitis (bacterial) from E. coli in a messy diaper getting into the urethra and up to the prostate. I have been on antibiotics for prostatitis for months in the past and it has not helped. As I said, my urologist thinks it is non-bacterial anyway. There is some evidence that IBS is linked to prostatitis, which may be the case for me.

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