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    Default Abdl looking for chat

    I'm a male diaper lover and I would like to chat with and female ab/dls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roirepres View Post
    I'm a male diaper lover and I would like to chat with and female ab/dls
    Hi Roirepres and welcome to the site! There are a lot of female - and male DLs to chat with on adisc, but please keep in mind that this is not a meet up place like other websites (please see the rules: ). If you want friends and support, then this is the place! I see you like fishing. Do you like fresh water or deep sea fishing better? What other hobbies do you have?

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    Well I usually just fish off my dock so salt water, thanks for asking. And I don't want to meet up with anyone I would just like talk with other people interested in this stuff. Is there a specific area for chatting? Thanks

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    You're off to a great start here. The best way I found to chat was to look at the dl posts and jump in: Diaper Talk Once you have been a member for a week and made 20 posts, then you can start using the chat room. Enjoy!

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    you can try the live chat once you're a member, it is on the navigation bar next to the "blog" button. There are people in there at all times of the day chatting. So give it a try, but remember that they are real people so they may not just want to talk solely about diaper related things and they react the way a person would to things you say. Be polite and respectful and you will get the same treatment from them.

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