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    hello all,
    I really lead a pretty normal life. Work in factory, I wear for fun, I am mostly a DL but I do have a baby and sissy streak at times. In my spare time I mostly play on my computer or just simply go for a drive. I (still) live with my parents and pay them rent (just so people understand I am not sponging off of them.) I do enjoy watching many podcasts on the net and see new tech that is out or coming out. I was a bedwetter as a teen and was diapered for a very short time of my life dad worked afternoons and mom wouldn't/couldn't diaper me. I wet the bed every night until I was 16. So my dad would diaper me before bed on the weekends.

    I currently am stuck with store purchased diapers due it mail order would be hard to do with living at home. I want to tell my mom about my diaper fetish (so I can order stuff online.) But I am unsure if it is a good idea or not. I have been wanting to join this site for some time, joined up and then forget about it (until i got put in lurker status.)

    Thanks for reading my ramblings,

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    Hello abdltom and welcome to the group.

    I can understand what you are saying about paying rent. I started out that way and wound up managing the family farm for 45 years. I just wanted to slap the stink eye off of people when they look at you funny because you still live at home, without knowing the whole situation.

    Anyway welcome to the group.

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