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Thread: satisfaction (Wet Or Dry) ?

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    Default satisfaction (Wet Or Dry) ?

    So i know this is a wired question to ask but do you prefer the feeling of a wet nappy or a dry nappy ? And the reason i ask this is because for me when i wet my nappy it triggers my little side. It gives me a sense of comfort when i wet just being able to let go of all adult responsibility gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I know every one is different and has there own opinion and that's why i'm asking to find out what makes people tick. So Wet Or Dry? What gives you the most satisfaction and in what way?. Big hugs little leo.

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    I prefer the feeling of a wet diaper. Warm, insulating, bloated like a ballon, squishy between my legs. Idk it's more comforting. Though I can't stay in it as long haha.

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    I love the feeling of a wet diaper. I grew up being wet (as a bedwetter ). I find comfort in being wet and needing changed.

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    I like wetting, but I think I prefer feeling dry

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    dry or wet both feel good to me. Just having diaper on triggers my toddler side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krallen View Post
    dry or wet both feel good to me. Just having diaper on triggers my toddler side.
    Same here, really - having a wet one does have a certain feel to it that's kinda nostalgic (but I can't really put my finger on it)

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    I prefer the time I'm dry because I'm going to end up wet within an hour of changing.

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    same i cant stay in a wet nappy to long i get grumpy.

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    Both. It depends on my mood. The wet feeling brings the feelings of being a baby and the being dry brings the feeling of comfort and all that.

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    Dry feels the best most of the time, there is nothing quite as good as changing from wet to dry. However wetting is certainly fun and there are times where it's more fun to play around in a wet diaper.

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