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Thread: A mediocre introduction.

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    Post A mediocre introduction.

    Hello there, ADISC!

    I'm Veis. I became interested in this forum a while back after noticing how little hostile conflict seemed to go on here, having members varying drastically in age and mental state. I find that fantastic. It's very rare to find a community so connected and supportive no matter the differences between the people within it.

    I'm a bit in the middle in the average age here, I'd think. I work two jobs and attend college classes. Though I'm quitting one of the jobs, I'm rather busy and when I have free time I'm usually reading, playing some sort of game, or sleeping.

    I have ADHD and tend to remember so much useless information that I forget everything that's important. I was born with and have severe scoliosis, which is a possible cause for my minor urinary incontinence, which is how I got involved with diapers. Since I was nine, diapers took a bit of a greater interest to me, and over the last few years I've begun to venture in to communities like this one with others who share my interest. I'm more of a not-so-hardcore DL then an AB, as I mostly just wear diapers when I need to, and I'm not much in to regression, but I do find it cute enough to enjoy it. And sucking a pacifier never hurt anyone, amirite?

    Other things that fill my life when I get the rare break from work and classes would be my family. I tend to spend quite a bit of time with them, most of my siblings are special needs and likely won't be leaving home for quite a long while, so I try and help out the best I can. I enjoy sports. The playing of sports, not the watching. My favourites would have to be Soccer, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, and dodge ball. ( No wonder my back's screwed up. )

    I'll be honest and say that I don't plan to be a significant contributor to this forum. I have trouble keeping myself dedicated and active on forums while I'm busy, as when I'm free to use the computer outside of business and such, I usually browse an art site or play a game and then go to pass out for the night. But I'll be lurking around and replying here and there.

    I hope you all don't mind me hanging around, and thank you to whoever withstood my poorly written introduction post!

    Veis, signing out.~

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    Hello Veis and welcome to the group.

    I would say this is anything but a poorly written introduction.

    I can relate to most of what you have said. I too have ADHD and I never thought of it like you have pointed out but I do have an excellent memory for facts and events that are not pertinent to most people but forget the instructions that were just given to me.

    You also sound like myself in as much as people wonder how I can do so much.

    Anyway welcome to the group.

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