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Thread: Thumb Sucking to Pacifiers

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    Default Thumb Sucking to Pacifiers

    Hi All
    Can any one give me some advice, it sounds quite daft actually but I have been a life time thumb sucker with cloth (small blankie) and more and more often my thumb and teeth and been aching and getting sore therefore Ive bought a adult pacifier Nuk 5 silicone I have only used it a couple of times as I cant get used to it but I really want to make the swap of using a Pacifier rather than using my thumb, can anyone give me some advice will I ever be able to get used to it, how I can do this? can you both use a pacifier with still having a cloth/blankie?
    Ollie :-)

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    I don't see why not. I will sometimes swap my paci for my thumb but keep my paci hanging on my finger. I guess you could try holding your blankie together with your paci hooked on your finger to approximate the feeing of sucking your thumb. However, I really think that after a while you'll feel comfortable with the paci. You really need to work out for yourself what comforts you.

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    Since I started with a Paci I just dint find my thumb suitable anymore, if I want to suck on my Paci, that all that'll do it for me

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    The times I have used my pacifier it doesn't hurt my teeth and make my thumb hurt which is good but (this is going to sound daft) I also cant get used to it because when using my pacifier I keep thinking I shouldn't be using it as I'm 29 years old and its babyish!! but I don't feel that way when sucking my thumb with my blankie !!! I know that makes no sense as sucking my thumb is just as babyish !! so why am I thinking like that?

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    In contrast to your thumb, a NUK5 pacifier shapes to fit your mouth and will almost certainly not cause damage to your teeth. Personally, I only use my pacifier for sleeping after I have brushed my teeth. Furthermore, I always clean it with water before using and I sterilize it every now and then.

    It took me a few weeks to get used to having something in my mouth when I fell asleep - and in the first two weeks, it ended up on the floor more than not. You'll get used to it soon enough. Enjoy!

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    How long did it take you to fully get used to your Pacifier, and if you used to suck your thumb do you now prefer thumb sucking or your Pacifier.

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    I have tried sucking my thumb once, and I didn't like it. It took me about three weeks to keep the pacifier in my mouth while sleeping. After those three weeks, it still fell out occasionally, but it usually staid in. If you wake up with your pacifier in your mouth often enough, your body will start to recognize it as a good thing.

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    I was a Life time Thumb sucker as well and it took me a while to switch to the Pacifier. I will tell you how I did it. I would go to bed with my blankie and my pacifier. I would suck my pacifier till I could not stand it anymore. Them would switch to my thumb till I fell asleep. Eventually The time with the pacifier got longer until I was falling asleep with it. Now I am about 95% pacifier, thumb is only if pacifier is not around. My teeth do not hurt anymore now that I use the pacifier.

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    I've never enjoyed sucking my thumb, which is why i bought a paci

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    I personally find, my mouth is always dry or dries faster when sucking paci than when I'm sucking my thumb, maybe I just didn't drink enough that day but I find myself sometimes not wanting to suck on paci because my mouth is always all dry.

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