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Thread: Just bought some pampers size 7 !

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    Default Just bought some pampers size 7 !

    I'm pumped ! A couple of hours ago I orderd my first 2 packs of pampers size 7 ! I was alittle skeptical about buying them at first, but after researching on it to see if it would fit, it should ( I have a 30in waist .) Sorry about the chatter ! Anyways how many of you here have bought this size and have rebought again ?

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    I have a 31/32 inch waist and they fit me pretty good. I mean good enough for a baby diaper!

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    I have bought several packs since they came out to the market. They are great! I really like the current generation with the texturized exterior! Unfortunately I have just a few left (only for special ocations )

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    They sound great, its a shame we can't get them here in the U.K. without paying huge delivery costs

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    Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I'm running out :/

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    Yes I use them all the time. I keep myself stocked up on them. Hope you enjoy them. I know I do.

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    I had some ship't over to the uk cost a lot tho so did it just the ones but they fit well as im a 30 in waist. Dam wish they sold them here in the uk

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    I'm also 30in waist and would really love to try them fingers crossed they come here soon there's no way I have the spare cash for the postage :-(

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    try these as there in the uk and are the same size Click image for larger version. 

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    work great and will fit you no problem being a 30 in waist

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    Thanks for the info littleleo. Do you know if the amazon uk website ships to the U.S. ? Also I have to keep in mind that it will not charge me in British pounds , but USD which is worth a lot less then the U.S. dollar making the price go up by half at most .

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