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Thread: I bought my first diaper/nappy!

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    Default I bought my first diaper/nappy!

    I was with a few friends today in a city not too far from where i live, when the time came for everyone to go home, i still had a little time to do my own thing until my train arrived. Needless to say the first thing that cam into my mind was getting my hands on my very first diaper since i was young, this was an opportunity too good to miss. I found a fairly large supermarket that looked like it would be closing soon (lots of pallets/crates and employees stacking shelves) i went in and did a quick recce through the aisle with the nappies and stuff in and saw a pack of Huggies Drynites pull-ups that i'd seen online in the 8-15 size (i'm quite skinny so they fit pretty decently) and then carried on through the shop and picked up a couple of cans of energy drink, i then went back to the aisle where the drynites were, i picked up a pack of the girls pull ups as they look cuter and to be honest i've found i have minor C/D tendencies lately. The cashier was a late 20's - early 30's woman so the embarrassment of having someone my own age at the tills was thankfully avoided. The purchase went down without a hitch fortunately with no odd looks or comments on her part, i went straight to the nearest public toilets to put on my pull-ups and they felt sooooo good to finally get them on. I wore them on the way home, through diner with my family and i'm wearing them now while typing this, i plan on wetting them later on tonight and i can already feel the pressure on my bladder. Hope you enjoyed my story

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    Congratulations on the first purchase. I'll agree with you that the girls ones are cuter

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    hey yep good old drynites they are great when i'm out of adult nappies as i'm 30 in waist fit nice and sung. Well hope you enjoy and have fun thanks for sharing. Ps i think the girls ones are better as they hold more then the boys ones hugs little leo

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    UPDATE i have now wet my pull-ups and feel like a bad girl wearing a cute skirt, pink bra, pink hello kitty shirt and knee socks...

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