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Thread: A few questions

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    Default A few questions

    Well i have a few questions....

    1. any tips for wetting your first diaper? i think my bladder is to over trained >.<

    2. ive heard something about putting 2 baby diapers together to make one... how does this work cause i have a bag full of 'em that are a lil to small for me

    3. Can youth size diapers be found in some pharmacies? or whats the smallest actual tape on diaper that isnt for baby's?

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    A few answers...

    1. Drink some fluids, caffinated beverages are a light diruretic and you cannot hold it forever, you will wet that diaper very soon.

    2. Baby diapers are not very effective for adults, but can be used as a stuffer inside an adult diaper for increased absorbancy.

    3. Youth size diapers are the smallest size adult diapers and they can be found in pharmacies, but they are not as widely available and you might have to look around to find them.

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    1. any tips for wetting your first diaper? i think my bladder is to over trained >.<
    Don't try to force it. Like kevindhca said, caffeinated drinks work well since caffeine itself is a diuretic (drug that makes you pee). Of course, if you don't feel like drinking a big mug of coffee, just good ol' water will also work if you drink a couple of pints and give it time.

    In fact, I'd say that time is the most important factor. Just relax and let your body do what it has to, when it has to.

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    I had a little trouble wetting the first time, so I sat down the way I would if I was using a toilet. I was able to go then. The only thing I learned is too not let everything rush out really fast...

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    1.)Drink something, then when your really to go, just go in the diaper like you would if you were going in the potty.

    2.)I heard about that before, but never try it before. I suggest getting some adult diaper then trying to make a diaper with two baby diapers.

    3.)The small size in adult diaper is youth size and they sell them at pharmacies but it depends which one you go to because they don't sell them everywhere. I suggest getting a small size (the next size) if you can't found any youth size.

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    For making a diaper from baby diapers, what you can do.... is just take the sides of one, and use a hot glue gun to add them to the other diaper.

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    Anyway, as a start you can pin the too small baby diapers in some tight fitting underwear and stand in the tub so you can relax not worrying about leaks. I started that way many years ago.

    All the stores carry small size adult briefs I’d guess would fit you, you haven’t mentioned your waist size. Look over the Walmart & CVS websites.

    Best of Luck!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    You finally ready to try some diapers? Donít take that wrong, youíre a very respected member here (IMHO) but sometimes I think your more a AB/DL fan than actually one your self. Either is OK, a person has to do whatís right for themselves as long as it doesnít hurt any others.
    AB/Dl fan? how does that work out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cubby View Post
    AB/Dl fan? how does that work out
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    replace like with stale and us with me....Joking

    Anyway might I suggest walmart?

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