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Thread: When did you first discover diapers?

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    Default When did you first discover diapers?

    I was just really curious about this.

    I know when I first discovered them, I was about thirteen or fourteen, maybe younger. I was sleeping over at my cousins house who was around seven or eight. She had a baby sister probably under 1 at the time. We stole a diaper that night and wore them. I peed in mine, and I actually enjoyed the feeling.

    The only thing is I didn't start getting into them until recently.

    What about you?

    Note: This refers to after you were potty trained, not to when you were a baby.

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    I assume you mean the first time after being initially potty trainied. For me I think it was 6th grade and into middle school. I was a very quiet kid mainly because I was teased for my speech impediment. I guess my regression could be tied to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcrowley1985 View Post
    I assume you mean the first time after being initially potty trainied. For me I think it was 6th grade and into middle school. I was a very quiet kid mainly because I was teased for my speech impediment. I guess my regression could be tied to that.
    Lol yeah. I was trying to figure out how to phrase it. XD

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    For me I keep saying when I was 15 and found images whilist surfing the internet. But I do have one memory from being like 5 or 6 maybe where my younger cousin was staying at my grandmother's house and I saw a pack of his pullups. I remember wanting them but got easily distracted and went off to play. But I remember wanting them and not knowing why I wanted them. I guess discovering it at 15 was bound to happen anyway.

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    Around 7-8 when I started bed wetting. I always unusually loved going to bed all padded up.

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    mine was when i was still pretty young and i was in after school care i was a little older then most of the other kids so i still have memories of it, anyway one day i had a bit of an accident *embarassed look* and i guess they didnt have a spare change of shorts in my size so the staff just treated me how they were used to treating the younger kids and put me in a diaper, i know it might seem a bit hard to beleive as i dont think its standed practice for day care places to do that but i guess they were just stumped as to what to do in the situation. what i can remeber really clearly is that the whole experiance bought up alot of warm fuzzy feelings and i guess that remained with ever since.

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    Probably in like 6th or 7th grade. I just realized that being in diapers was something that I really wanted for some reason.

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    Was a fairly recent thing for me. Was going through a lot of stress and personal doubt a few years back as a result of reaching that tipping point where my job was evolving into a professional career. Was staying over socially with some friends after a social get together. I knew they were DL, although that wasn't the reason for the gathering. Anyway, as the night wore on and alcohol smoothed off the social edges, the subject of diapers came up, possibly as a result of one of said friends saying he had to go and change. I guess I smiled or reacted to that comment, as his other half then asked if I'd ever tried one. When I replied in the negative, I was asked if I wanted to try. I said yes, so ten minutes later found myself on a bed being powdered and diapered. Had a very nice evening as a result, so decided to buy some out of curiosity. Noticed more or less immediately that I slept so much better when wearing, which in turn reduced work stress and other anxieties. After a few month of semi-regular night time wearing, I had something of an epiphany. Only way I can describe it is I was woken early one morning by hearing myself telling myself I wore diapers now, at which point I got up, emptied my underwear drawer of boxers and replaced them with my diaper stash and related sundries. That was about five years ago now.

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    I was nine when I started to feel I wanted to wear them again and wished I could be a baby again so I could wear them. It literally happened in one day. I wasn't into it and had no interest in wearing nor desire too and the next day bam I wanted to wear them all of a sudden. I got up that day, no desire, went to the mall with my mother and my brothers, I was forced to sit in the play area while my brothers played on the fake ship with other toddlers and I had to sit out because I was too old and then I see these two toddlers playing and bam I wanted diapers. The feeling had stuck with me ever since. I still think my environment had something to do with it or was it a big coincidence. None of us know really why we like them and what causes it so all we can do is make guesses. I don't believe someone can just like diapers for no reason and there has to be a reason and for me it could be being immature for my age and I didn't function at my own age level and I was teased and bullied and it lead me to diapers. Now I think it's leftover from my past and it's residual. I used to take diapers from peoples houses whenever I would see any and then i quit doing it. I also used to make my own and then I stopped at age 12. I started buying my own when I was 17 and I have been wearing them since. I've wanted 24/7 since childhood and didn't start until I was an adult and then I stopped for a while and started again just over a year ago.

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    the 1st nappy i got my hands on was when i was 10 years old

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