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    Question New diaper help

    I my favorite was diaper Abri-Form Extra XL3 plastic back is no longer being made I like this kind brand because it wasn't a all day brand. It held you well after wearing it all night and you would have to change after three for four wettings. And Finally, you really could beat the value of these diapers. It was a pack of 20 of $22 - $25. I use to like Tranquility ATN but I got tired of all the padding falling down to the bottom of the diaper after a couple of wettings. So I am in the market for a new diaper and so what are ya'lls recommendations.

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    I would try Tena Slip Maxi's from XP Medical. Also in a couple weeks the Dry 24/7's should be coming available also at XP Medical.

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