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Thread: Nappy/Diaper play

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    Default Nappy/Diaper play

    What do you like to do when wearing your Nappies/diapers?

    Do you like to play baby? i.e playing with toys etc?

    I myself like to dress up in my onesie and crawl around as i like to hear the rustle of my nappy, sometimes also like a bit of bondage, where i like the fantasy of being tied up and forced to wet/mess my nappies/diapers.

    Would like to know what everyone else does when they put on there nappy or diaper?

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    Actually, most often, I just do normal 'adult' things: work on the computer, watch TV (not children’s shows), sometimes work outside or in the basement, etc.

    Other times, I will crawl around, eat baby-food, color in coloring books and other baby things.

    It just depends on my mood.

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    So far adult things, sometimes watch some of my favorite childhood shows. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing, I'm in a completely different mindset.

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    Yeah usually I just do adult things when I'm padded up.

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    I've played with some toys while diapered but yea mostly everything I do normally... For some reason I like to fly on my flight sim while padded

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    Eat, sleep, work, run, a little tv, hang out with friends, same old stuff, all in diapers. Definitely, I'm happiest when I'm at home when it's just a diaper and t-shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyTy View Post
    I've played with some toys while diapered but yea mostly everything I do normally... For some reason I like to fly on my flight sim while padded
    When I was around ten or so I remember playing a car game for hours in a diaper I took from brother, not sure if I ever used a flight sim diapered though.

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    I do what I normally do just in diapers.

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    I can usually do most of my favorite activities while diapered. I definitely like to wear when studying. I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and it get annoying getting the urges after a while. I've worked on my cars diapered. In a closed garage of course. I done groceries, movie theaters, car shows, and day trips while diapered. Just gotta make sure I have plenty of extras.

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