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Thread: Where did you store your diapers when you were young

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    Default Where did you store your diapers when you were young

    Well, i don't know about anyone else, but I hid my diapers in the park, in those exoloo things, there was a little hidden compartment in it, so there!

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    On the rare occasion I could get one I stuck them on the underside of my desk drawers. There were only a half a dozen times that I had the opportunity and bravery to do that though, more often I just used a long sleeved shirt and towel that I kept hidden underneath my dresser.

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    I had a bed that had drawers under it, I would hide them under the drawers. Also, I had a huge tub of legos, I would hide them under the legos as well.

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    When i was about 13 i would get drynights i would put them under my TV stand as it had a hollow bass it was the best place to put them no one would every look under there i would put a bit of card against the tv stand and if any one moved it the card would move so i would know if any one had been snooping around.

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    I had a old foot locker from when my dad was in the Navy that served as a toy box while growing up. Throwing a cheap padlock on it made it my diaper storage until I moved out.

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    I hid mine in my closet behind my baseball card collection.

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    My childhood hiding spots were all rather poor, though apparently "good enough."

    Up until I was 12 years old, I was still in my baby room. I had a small bed, small desk, and a dresser. There were no especially good places to hide diapers. During those years, however, the only diapers I regularly used were my sister's and my old cloth baby diapers that had been kept around, initially perhaps for a third child, but later for use as cleaning rags. There were a ton of these diapers, and I usually had 4-6 of them (plus a couple of pins) hidden under my bed in the bottom of a toy bin. I can clearly remember dumping out my box of Capsela to get to my diapers. If not for the fact that I often wanted to wear diapers to bed, or at least after bedtime, I could have simply fetched them from the rag bin in the hall as needed, or else from the larger box in the garage -- my preferred source, as these were in especially good shape and lacked signs of rag use.

    (I didn't usually wet or otherwise "use" these cloth diapers, as the plastic pants disappeared once my sister was done with diapers at night. Fortunately, because of the rag use, diapers were still a common sight in the laundry, so when they did get a little stinky, I'd grab some clean ones and throw my stinky ones in the clothes hamper.)

    By age 12, my morning ritual included fighting with my sister over her use of our shared bathroom. In response to this, I was offered a larger bedroom downstairs, away from everybody else. I jumped at it, and was soon enjoying solitude. The new room had an enormous old 1930's or 40's desk in it with a fold-out typewriter stand (and typewriter) inside a large cabinet at one end. As this hadn't been used for years, I found the space underneath and behind it to be a good hiding spot. If my parents ever spotted diapers there, they never let on.

    Unfortunately, the typewriter cabinet was not smell-proof. I can remember freaking out shortly after bringing home my first bag of Pampers. I'd opened the bag, used one of the diapers, and stashed the rest. When I came back to my bedroom later, it smelled very strongly of Pampers. I'd had no prior experience with disposables, so this was a problem I hadn't planned for. Thereafter, my stash was kept in a plastic trash sack.

    During my freshman year of college, when I shared a room, I kept my diapers underneath my underwear in one drawer of my dresser. I suspected that my underwear was probably among the least likely things to be disturbed by my roommate. As I've explained in other threads, the closest call in this case came as a result of my absent-mindedly allowing my girlfriend to help me pack at the end of the school year. She'd almost reached my underwear drawer when I realized what was about to happen and hastily redirected her.

    In my last years of school, I had a room to myself, and variously kept my diapers in my closet or in the trunk of my car.
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    When I was 16 I hid them in the woods behind my house in 2-3 bags and I would only get/use them when my parents weren't around.

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    i had a build in wardrobe with a false floor my stash was hidden in there no one ever found it as far as i am aware

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    Behind the chair in my room under stuffed animals. It was one of those lazyboy chairs.

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