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    Hello! So I've been around for sometime but I haven't been on the site in 2 years so I thought I would re-introduce myself. I'm 23 and currently living in Indiana. I have night time incontinence and day time so I'm currently in diapers. I'm glad that I found this site and can communicate with people with similar circumstances. I was in diapers/pull-ups until I was 12/13 years old and decided I didn't want to anymore. Well, after many years of waking up in urine or having many accidents during the day, I have decided it was time. It took some time but I have finally accepted it and myself for the way I am. I have actually become a diaper lover and it was hard not being able to wear them for the 18 months I was on a full time service trip. I'm a dog lover! I love dogs and they definitely win over cats. I love music and have dreams when it comes to that. I love kids! I have 2 nieces and 4 nephews and love them with all my heart! I love my family and they are very accepting... well at least my parents. They are the only ones that know about my situation. I love photography and plan on at least minoring in that for school. It's a passion. I love DISNEY! So great! Well, that's enough but if you wish to get to know me, PM me I'm excited about this website!

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    Welcome back ks1990!

    I look forward to seeing you around. This certainly is a fun and informative place.

    I also have a panache for photography! I also like art: painting, illustration, and sculpture.

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