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Thread: U.s.a, UK, Aussie, etc... Translation guide

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    Default U.s.a, UK, Aussie, etc... Translation guide


    This seems to come up a loton this forum...

    U.S.A. Vs. U.K. Terms and meanings...

    Everyone knows, Diaper Vs. Nappie...

    So, let's get a list going and maybe someone could compile it and post somewhere for reference...

    U.s.a - U.k.
    Diaper - Nappy
    Footies - Onesie
    Crapper - loo


    P.s. I not a written manual type of person...

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    Thank You. I would also add the text short hands, and other acronyms that thrown around like everyone is suppose to know them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEsahaettr View Post
    In the US, "crapper" is used but really just in vulgar context.
    Bathroom or Toilet would be better for the list in my opinion as well.

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    and a onesie over here is that vest thingy with the poppers at the crotch, i think they are called the same everywhere because i cant think of another name for them, however a onesie can also mean babygrow as allie cat pointed out

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    A snap crotch shirt would probably be the correct term as Onesie is a trademark by Gerber Children's wear and they resent the fact it has become a generisized trademark and try to fight any unlawful use of it. An all in one suits are mostly called footed pajarmas in th UK but there are a few names floating around for both them and the snap crotch shirt.

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    I dont think crapper is a vulgar term...

    It's one of the first names in plumbing...way back...I'm sure the Londoners will get it..


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    Here's a handful that I can think of off the top of my head (in no particular order):

    [TABLE="class: grid, align: left"]

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's a handful that I can think of off the top of my head (in no particular order):

    UK US
    Diaper Nappy
    Dummy Pacifier / Soother
    Pants Underpants
    Mum / Mummy (Mom or Mam in certain regions) Mom / Mommy
    Trousers Pants
    Dungarees Overalls
    Short dungarees Shortalls
    Cuddly toy Plushie
    Sweets Candy
    Chips French fries
    Crisps Chips
    Babygro Onesie
    Fringe Bangs
    Gang bang Group sex / rape
    Meeting of gang members Gang bang
    Toilet / Lavatory Bathroom / Restroom
    Pissed Drunk
    Pissed off Pissed
    Maths Math
    Courgette Zucchini
    Baguette Sub (bread/sandwich)
    Flat Apartment
    Lorry Truck
    Motorhome RV
    Motorway Freeway / Highway
    Indicator Turn signal
    Burgled Burglarized
    Car Automobile
    Prawn Shrimp
    Fag Cigarette
    Homosexual (pejorative) Fag / Faggot
    Faggot Meatball
    Shirt Shirt with collar, cuffs and buttons
    T-shirt T-shirt / shirt
    Petrol Gasoline (gas)
    Savoury scone Biscuit
    Biscuit Cookie
    Muffin English Muffin
    American-style muffin Muffin
    Fizzy drink Soda
    College Last two years of high school
    University College
    School School up to age 16
    Virtually any education establishment School
    Training shoes / Trainers Sneakers
    Jogging trousers Sweat pants
    Aeroplane Airplane
    Mobile phone Cell phone
    Rubbish Trash / Garbage
    Tramp Bum / Hobo
    Bum Fanny
    Fanny Vagina (childish, not vulgar)
    Bum bag Fanny pack
    Little finger Pinkie
    Garden Yard
    Martini (brand name) Vermouth (generic)
    Lift Elevator
    Titbit Tidbit
    Mall (rhymes with pal) Sheltered promenade
    Shopping centre Mall (rhymes with ball)
    Shop Store
    Got (past participle of 'get') Gotten
    Cheque Check
    Bill Check
    Banknote Bill
    Anti-clockwise Counter-clockwise
    Skimmed milk Skim milk
    Pavement Sidewalk
    Autumn Fall
    Full stop Period
    Brackets Parentheses
    Square brackets Brackets
    State school (or state-run school) Public school
    Public school Elite private school
    Professor Academic staff of the most senior rank
    Any academic staff Professor
    Bonnet (car) Hood (automobile)
    Boot (car) Trunk (automobile)
    Car park Parking lot
    Railway Railroad
    Show Live performance or variety show
    TV programme Show
    Cinema Theater
    Theatre Live acting thingy! (No idea what you guys would call it!)
    Pound sign
    Hash (#) Pound sign
    No. (number) #
    Holiday Vacation
    Public holiday Holiday
    Holiday season Mid-summer when people tend to take a vacation
    Christmas period Holiday season
    Taken with a pinch of salt Taken with a grain of salt
    Spanner Wrench
    Social security / Benefits Welfare
    Council housing Projects
    Cutlery Silverware
    Black (skin colour) African American (regardless of whether a person is either African or American or dual nationality!)
    Big wheel Ferris wheel
    Tap Faucet
    Plaster Band Aid (brand)
    Tissue Kleenex (brand)
    Grill (verb) Broil
    Aerial Antenna (radio)
    Bath Tub / Bathtub
    Dressing gown Robe
    A thousand million Billion
    Billion Ambiguous -- either a million million or a thousand million (increasingly the US billion is used)
    Candyfloss Cotton candy
    Chemist's Pharmacy
    Draughts (game) Checkers
    Estate agent Realtor
    Real estate Realty
    Estate (car) Station wagon
    Saloon (car) Sedan
    Ground floor First floor
    First floor Second floor
    Queue Line (of people)
    Handbag Purse
    Purse Lady's wallet
    Head master / Head mistress Principal (school)
    Ice lolly Popsicle
    Lost property Lost and found
    Rubber Eraser
    Shop assistant Sales clerk
    Tights Pantyhose
    Knickers Panties
    1st year undergraduate Freshman
    2nd year undergraduate Sophomore
    3rd year undergraduate Junior
    4th year undergraduate Senior
    Junction (road) Intersection (road)
    Subway Underpass(?)
    Underground railway station Subway
    Toll road Turnpike
    Waistcoat Vest

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    Unfortunately in the UK the term onesie now also means a full body garment (like these animal ones which I assume started in the US) but oddly only for adults. If you are talking about a baby then a onesie is a vest with snaps at the crotch and a babygrow is a one-piece bodysuit usually with feet.

    Restroom (USA) - Toilet (UK) is a better comparison in terms of formality. People often say here "I'm going to the loo" which is socially acceptable in a casual setting, I doubt the same applies with the word crapper.

    Also, as you made the mistake in your opening post, the singular of our word for a diaper is a nappy not a nappie! It's basic English, if the noun ends in a consonant followed by -y the plural ends in -ies instead of -y. If the noun ends in a vowel followed by a -y you only add an 's' to make the plural. For example: lorry - lorries, toy - toys, butterfly - butterflies, monkey - monkeys. You wouldn't say monkie or butterflie so don't say nappie!

    Different words used for things are understandable, but saying nappie or dummie is an error in basic English and far too common.

    Additionally, here is a guide to help English speakers outside of the UK understand British sarcasm/subtlety:

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