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Thread: Drawing on your Diaper

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    Default Drawing on your Diaper

    Who here will doodle on your diaper from time to time. I realized the one I am wearing is plastic and I just happen to have a sharpie on my desk. I though well why not. Opened the sharpie and started to write on my padded area. I didn't do any drawings but I did write

    A) Lets color on my diaper
    B) Hope to make this full/wet
    C) All my training is gone

    Now, C is obviously not correct as I do understand that I can't loose my control in one night but hey...I wanted to have fun.

    So does anybody else do this or am I just really that bored and don't want to study for my finals...

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    Ha! I'm bored too and I should probably finish my homework. But I'm lazy. And I want a diaper right now!

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    Hey, 1st, welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your visit and the community.
    2nd - good luck getting one as I do know that this is my last one so I hope I get my full use out of it even though they stupidly made my final 30 minutes earlier then the regular class so I am here trying to wet the crap out of it.

    Once again, enjoy your stay

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    I have done it before when I had Dry Comforts, I plan on doing it again.
    Yes I have used sharpies.

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    I'm sorta new. not exactly. long story.

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    I love drawing on my diapers!!! I used to write messages to my girlfriend on my bum! LOL

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    im not that talented, and have no one to see my diaper, even though 2 roommates and a few friends are right outside my door and my bathroom is the only working one in the room because they .... you can guess and can't fix it

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    I love to draw hearts all over my diapers :3

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    I like drawing, but I've never tried drawing on a diaper...

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