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Thread: Umm, Hi. ^^;;

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    Lil' Georgie

    Default Umm, Hi. ^^;;

    Hello, I'm Lil' Georgie, but you can simply call me George. I joined this site because my friend Jakethefox showed it to me. ^^;

    I am a babyfur/TB/DL, and I do wear diapers in real life because I have a condition called cerebral palsy. It's a condition that affects parts of the brain, and for me it affects my muscle control, which does include down there... I've worn diapers all my life, and I wasn't ever toilet trained. ^^;; I have a lot of friends in real life who wear them, though, so it's cool.

    I also sort of like being babied ^^; my mom lets me do this, and she knows how I feel.

    Umm... Well, not much else I can think of to say... ^^;;; Just, I hope I make friends here...

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    Hi Georgie!

    Nice to talk to you tonight! I've been acquainted with several people with CP and find you all to be very brave and generous souls.

    Be nice to your mom! She's being nice to you.

    I think you'll find some nice people here! Best wishes.


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    \0/ ... ^^;;

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    Hi George. Welcome to our community.

    After talking to you in the chat, I am sure you know that we are a diverse group, lots of nutcases but ALL very nice and caring people. I hope you enjoy your time here and stay a long time.

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    It's a small world after all I have cerebral palsy too. Welcome to ADISC.

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    Sorry, but I have to close the thread starter's account.
    The reason for this is that he's only 8 years old, and I'm just not comfortable with someone that young being on here.
    I have nothing against him personally. He hasn't done anything wrong. He's just too young.

    I worry that having 8 year olds here would draw bad people towards us.
    I worry that his parents wouldn't approve of his being here. Even if he says they would.

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