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    I was just wondering when I seen a friend's tweet (from the real world of course) and she wrote things stuff saying how she never wants to grow up and stay a little kid forever. Personally, I accepted the fact that I have to grow up and face the real world, but it got me wondering, what are the chances that she is or would become, someone with ABDL tendencies?

    I used to have a crush on her last year, but it kind of faded away after loss of interest. Honestly if it turns out that she is, then I will like her a heck a lot more than I did the last time.

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    Pretty low, particularly if it's not frequently expressed. Just as an example, these are not ABDL comics: xkcd: Grownups and xkcd: Blanket Fort. Evading adult responsibility is an appealing prospect but most people aren't thinking so literally as to run out and get diapers or a pacifier.

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    Well, the problem with me is my disabilities. They make daily living skills and taking adult responsibilities a challenge for me. I might end up with in a group home or assisted living when my parents can no longer care for me. Though, I don't know if its got anything to do with being an AB. I think in most cases, it depends. There are people like me who struggle even more. I think it depends on what the person has gone through too. It doesn't even have to be due to disability. It can be due to abuse or trauma.

    I think there are chances, but it just depends on the person and what they've dealt with to decide they don't want to grow up. As for your friend, I don't know. Maybe she's just afraid to become an adult. Most people have a hard time with adulthood because its not easy to go through. I know I'll never be ready for it, and I do have AB tendencies.

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    for any wrestling fans reading this they will understand what music the next phrase i will use is backed by... no chance in hell!
    the likelyhood is that she means she doesnt wanna have to start work, and be responsible and all that. sorry!

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    Being fearful of, or expressing a desire to evade adult responsibilities (especially at a pivotal age) is very, very common to the extent that it's almost the norm. It is not the same as actually wanting to evade adult responsibilities which in turn is not the same as turning towards regression as a solution. In sum: not impossible - just highly unlikely.

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