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Thread: tranquility ATN diaper

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    Default tranquility ATN diaper

    what are all your thought on the Tranquility ATN Diapers?

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    Good mid-level diaper. Crinkly. There is a lot of SAP to pulp ratio in this diaper is higher than others, so it takes a little longer to absorb, and if your urine is higher in salts, it won't absorb as much. But, when it does absorb to capacity, it has a water-balloon-like feel. I find the crotch area a little too narrow, and the diaper is very 'institutional' looking.

    It isn't my first pic, but better than average.

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    I enjoy them , they were my first real adult diaper besides depends. I ended up picking up three cases for such a low price I cant bring myself to tell others what I paid!

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    I use them off and on as well as their pull-up variety. They work well if you need all day or all night wear.

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    I like them, even though there are supposedly better ones out there. They're the only ones that can last me through the night (barely), but they can be hidden under simply gym shorts fairly easily.

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    I have liked them in the past, but the last two batches that I have bought have had quality control issues. Pin holes, miscuts, and messed up tapes.

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    They are my favorite diaper. I wear them for day time and night. Super thin. Mostly gel but they don't clump as bad as Abena abriforms. They are comparable to the Abena abriform M3 class but cheaper.

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    i wear them through the day and i dont have any problems with them leaking

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    I myself as a medically incontinent Autistic with Cerebral Palsy use this brand, when I can obtain them. Otherwise, due to my low Social Security income finances, I usually am stuck using the Walgreen's "House Brand" in XL Size.


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    One of my favorites, low cost, high absorbency, good odor control, plastic and white too. ATNs are not quite on the scale of M-4s or Dry 24/7s and I liked the Eurobriefs a bit better (cep't they are green) when they were available. My weeknight diaper.

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