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Thread: how long before accepting yourself?

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    Default how long before accepting yourself?

    hey there! Question for anyone willing to share how long did it take for you to come to terms and accept being a dl or ab (however you classify youself) ? or if anything/anyone helped? Just wondering because still kinda struggling myself with guilt at times. Thanks!

    “Unfortunately, I am only myself. I am scared and alone and unsure, but I am practicing. I am scared and alone and unsure, but that doesn't mean I always will be."

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    Its's takin me a couple of months but im there! This site has helped a ton, all the great info, others similar experiences, and seeing all the new people that sign up daily... Great to know we are not alone We never have to grow up, even when we grow old lol.
    I mean it could be worse, you could be a Yankees, Cowboys, or Lakers fan

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    I have never hated myself for being this way, fortunately. When I was 14, I found out that there were others like me and it was pretty smooth sailing from there, although it took me about 5 more years to find out that I'm an AB and not just a DL. There have been difficult moments, but that was mostly due to others (mostly my mother) not accepting me.

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    At 13 I started realizing I like diapers. In my mid 20's I started to like the AB role play. Now in my mid 30's I fun with it all the time.

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    Thanks for sharing so far, I still have a little ways myself but as lilbiker said its good to know were not alone.

    So after you guys realized you liked diapers, how did you figure you were ab as well too?

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    If I were you, I wouldn't worry about labels too much right now. Just explore different things and figure out what you like or what you're curious about.

    It took me several years to accept my DL side mostly because it felt so weird and wrong. I didn't find internet communities until I was about 17 and didn't have anyone to tell or talk to about it. If you're here, you're already going in the right direction.

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    It took well over a decade, I would say. I grew up without the internet, and was wearing diapers by choice from age six. I had frequent feelings of guilt until I was in college and discovered that there were others who liked diapers. Even then, self-acceptance wasn't instantaneous. I can't really say when the feelings of guilt disappeared completely.

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    It has taken me 6 years to do it. I'm finally getting comfortable with the fact that I like to wear diapers. I'm starting to accept my ab side too. It's been the period on this site and a good friend that is also abdl.

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    I didn't 100% truly accept it until my late twenties -- after over ten years of struggling with my desires. I'm 36 now.

    Even now, I still wrangle with a little guilt now and again. This is mostly due to the constant ribbing I get from my peers and parents about my lackadaisical-ness in finding a mate -- which is understandably odd at my age. Both of my younger sisters married years ago, and most of my friends are married with children. No one in my inner circle knows the full extent of my AB/DL leanings, so I have to be a little coy and creative every time the topic of my dating status comes up.

    That said: Nowadays, I would probably elucidate someone further if I was cornered directly, which I can't say I would've done even 4-5 years ago. Fortunately, that situation hasn't occurred, so I'm fine with just being labeled "the weird one" in my family. Sometimes, ignorance is indeed bliss.

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    I've worn diapers since I can remember. I finally excepted myself at 41. What a struggle and fight over the years. I was very destructive and hard on myself!

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