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    I've been dating my SO for 8 years. I have used diapers on and off for that period, but always in secret or when she is away. I have yet to come forward to her with the extent of my diaper fetish to her directly, but feel like that talk will need to happen soon.

    We have had 2 successful diaper foreplay sessions in the past. The two previous times I have gotten her to wear were at home with the use of a remote vibrator. I justified the diapers to her with the fact that she gets very wet with the lightest stimulation, to the point of getting normal underwear very wet (and to the point where we had to get a waterproof blanket for the bed). She very much enjoyed the experience and I made sure to reward her afterwards (trying to keep it PG-13).

    She has a nail biting problem that I've been trying to help her break and finally told her if I catch her biting her nails again I'll be forced to punish her (she has a bit of a bondage streak so this was not to out of line). She said she might just do it to see what my punishment would be.

    My thought would be to keep it along the lines of what we did last time, diapers and remote vibrators, but going out in public or adding some other dimention to it (suggestions welcome). I think that her past performance along with positive reinforcement to this type of foreplay would be a good starting point for me explaining the extent of my interest in diapers. But part of me thinks that I should just keep it at a bondage foreplay level and be happy with that?

    I know communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, but I worry that this might be just too strange to explain 8 years in. I fall upon the mercy of the forum...

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    I am in a long term relationship (over 10 years) with my amazing girlfriend.

    She knows about my diapers (knew from day one, cause I'm IC)... but I didn't tell her at the very beginning that I'm a DL as well.
    But it went very well... WE BOTH are quite kinky in sexual matters (she's got a few kinks, I've got a good number of 'em and we share a good bit of them).

    So honestly from reading about your experiences so far, I'd be VERY amazed if she 1) does not slightly suspect it already, 2) would not be VERY openminded
    3) should have an issue with it at all.

    Now mind you - don't go and start wearing / using 24/7 ... don't walk around in nothing but a Diaper... I mean, don't go over board with the DL stuff... don't make it the one and only thing in sexual matters... etc...
    BE HYGIENIC (don't smell like a toilet... (unlesss ).)
    be discrete... I mean don't make it too obvious too the outside world.

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    At this point in your relationship, I would think you should be able to be straight forward with each other. It is a scary feeling, but if you really love each other that much she should understand. At the worst I would think she would just say that she doesn't want to participate. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to update when I have something worth sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acid4blood View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to update when I have something worth sharing.
    nail bitting hmm to add on to the punishment you have planed you should take her to the store and have her pick out her own pacifier seems perfect right?

    i try to keep my hands away from my mouth by keeping them buesy so that i do not bite them

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    I like the idea, but sadly the closest places had very limited stock in pacifiers. So I just bought some and will be introducing them the next time it is viable.

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