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Thread: Best diaper for flooding?

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    Default Best diaper for flooding?

    I was just wondering what your experiences with leaks and flooding? I am in search of the best diaper to not leak While flooding.

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    For me I had no leakage with Bambinos, Dry24/7, Molicare Super plus, Abenas Abri-Form X-Plus or M4s, MediPrime EuroBrief and Tena Slip Maxi diapers. The ones that did leaked on me were Tranquility slimline, Medline, Kendall, Prevail, Depends, and the CVS brand. The other ones that did leak a little on me were Attends with waist bands, Unique Wellness Briefs, Tranquility ATN, McKesson StayDry, Walgreens brand, and Rite Aid brand. One of the Bambinos diaper the TotalDry Plus Brief leaked a tiny bit but that was the only one from the Bambino line of products that leaked. I also will say that if any diaper has the inner leg gathers or standing leg cuffs seems to hold up very well without a huge leakage.

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    Thank you for the very thorough answer. Did you get all the non-leak ones online?

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    I'm a flooder as well and all the good brands, online ordered, handle the first one well. The best like 24/7 and M-4s will survive a second and third depending on your fluid intake. The real issue to me as I like to wear a wet one a while is will they continue to hold or will it press out, (leak when I sit or lie down).

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    Honestly for me even the "Thick" diapers leak for me when I flood I learned that diaper doublers or using huggies/pampers as stuffers work quiet well for flooding. Then again when I wear I like to be able to just chill in a very thick diaper I learned from my experiences if I don't flood and go at a more consistent basis, the diaper tends to hold more. I think the problem is that when I flood the diaper is unable to soak up the contents fast enough, therefore it leaks.

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    I didn't have an issue with the bambinos. I wish I could get some of those, but I have to wait until I get some income :/ For now, I have to stick with what my parents are able to help me get until I get a job since I recently came back from an 18 month full time service trip. I can't wait to get a job!

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