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    So to speak at least. As previously mentioned in my last post I had said I moved, and I now live with my very accepting girlfriend and an out of the loop roommate.

    To start everything off our roommate often goes to her parents for a few days at a time and that's when I indulge myself in abism and such. She of course knows nothing (sortove) about this, and I go back to normal before she gets home.

    Today however was an exception, as she was supposed to be back tomorrow so I was playing and coloring all day. All of my drawings were ab related and I had my sippy out :/ but I was clothed normally. She came in at 2.

    I quickly hopped up and talked to her some while trying to cover some of the drawings littered about, but she stared as she walked by anyway; and glanced at my sippy on the couch. Nothing was mentioned, and I quickly picked everything up when she went out for her clothes.

    Herein lies my problem, I don't want our household relationship to change but it's driving me nuts wondering what she's thinking, if I should bring it up, or what. She's seen baby powder and wipes and such, but you can explain that away. Now though I'm thinking she put two and two together or is wondering at least.

    Sorry for the weird rambling, I kinda just wanted this typed out to review, but I'd love thoughts/suggestions as well. Thanks for listening guys.

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    I would say, don't over analyze. Just continue as if nothing has happened. Don't bring it up but if she brings it up, then answer the questions as normally as possible and truthfully. Be confident in what you do and say and things will work out. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are who you are.

    I hope everythings works out, good luck.

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