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Thread: This is my first attempt at an eHarmony video!

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    Default This is my first attempt at an eHarmony video!

    Helloooo, my name is Lily, um, this is my first attempt at an eHarmony video! I知 nervous but I知 excited at the same time, um, so I知 just going to start talking about what I like and hope I get some replies!

    Joking aside (apart from the fact I do really love all cats), my name is Lily, I'm in my mid twenties and I live in London. Yes, I am a real girl

    I regularly use nappies / diapers as part of my D/s relationship. My Master / Sir / Daddy likes me to wear and use them to show the control of my body that I have surrendered to him, and so they appear in many ways ranging from bathroom control, to punishment, to comfort (sleeping in a diaper in daddy's arms is one of my favourite things).

    Other than the diapers, which I don't really love so much as tolerate as part of my submission, I don't identify with many of the facets of ABDL that I see. However, if we are going to use them, there are - ahem - some "technicalities" that I may need to question! This is ultimately why I am here - it seems a lot saner and less full of fantasists who will pounce on any new girl, than many of the other communities in other corners of the internet!

    Anyway, if the above makes me sound like a doormat, I am quite the contrary... By way of work, I'm a high-flying, stiletto-heeled, well-suited corporate lawyer known for my no-nonsense and direct approach. It is perhaps ironic that I'm a submissive, although my masochistic edge is probably more predictable with that career choice

    Personal interests are surprisingly girly and include ballet, opera, classical music (I am a former concert-level pianist), anything pink (my desk at work, in contrast to its more sombre neighbours, is covered in pink and Hello Kitty), cooking, roller blading, cycle touring and being up in the Alps whenever I can.

    And cats. Don't forget the cats.

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    hi, nice to meet you!
    My name is Aaron. I'm also from england which seems to be a rare thing on these kinda sites. This place does seem like there are less mentalists haha. Hope to see you around here :-)

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    I used to play the violin myself. Stopped doing so, but I still love listening to classical on occassion.


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    Hi, Lily,


    I thought this was a very clever introduction. :-) I love the parody/reference to one of the funniest viral vids ever. You sound like an unusual person. Do you use the submissive relationship to counter the demands of the "high-flying" life-style which has to be very demanding for such a young woman? Interesting too that you chose law over music if you are a concert-level pianist. Why did you do that? (I love that your desk is pink Hello does that affect you in a power-lawyer environment?


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