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Thread: ADISC Musicians... heyo!

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    Default ADISC Musicians... heyo!

    In browsing a lot of back threads, most of which are closed to comments, I noticed that a lot of members here are musicians. Nice!

    I am a guitarist and vocalist for a metal band, prior to this band I was a drummer for 20 years.

    So... considering there are many musicians here, could there be an ADISC band in our future?

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    If everyone wanted to then would in theory be possible to do something like that youtube symphony, made up from loads of different people playing different parts on webcam.

    Hell if you wanted too, you can send whole ProTools sessions via email these days, providing you have a good enough internet connection.

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    Sadly, or perhaps serendipitously, I play classical piano. The combination could be a Liszt massacre, could be a Nightwish-style epiphany...

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    I do some songwriting I'm really into playing violin/piano and all that

    Hmmm, an ADISC Band...that would be good...if only all of us could afford protools and all that jazz

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    I've been getting rather decent results utilizing the free Audacity and a few likewise free VST effects. I just run through like on an old Tascam. I've done a few slice-and-dices but in majority I go for a complete take, especially when building the rhythm tracks .

    If you're bored and on YT some of my stuff is up as 'themopedmetallist' - though a handful of tunes are straight dumps from my Fostex 8-track. See if you can tell which is which

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    Cool, I'll look your channel up tomorrow and check out your tunes.

    Also, love classical music, second favorite genre next to metal and I love how they can be merged. Nightwish is great, though I am Tarja-only with them.

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