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Thread: Tips on Battling the Purge

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    Default Tips on Battling the Purge

    You may or may not have read my last thread but I recently got "caught" and had to get rid of my stash. Ever since I got rid of my diapers I have the need to want more immediately. Problem is I want to lay low for a little bit before I buy some more diapers. I still live at home and am on summer break, I go back to college at the very end of August (29th, 30th around). I honestly cannot wait that long but I may have too. What are some tips to combat this need to buy more diapers?

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    I had to do without diapers for several years even though I wanted them so badly, the way I dealt with it was staying busy. Hanging out with friends, playing a sport, exercising... Maybe getting a summer job would help? Just keep yourself busy and try not to think about diapers to the best of your ability.

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    I agree on the staying busy part. I had to go without them for 18 months. Keeping busy will keep your mind off of your wanting the diapers immediately.

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