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Thread: What's your hobby (s)?

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    Default What's your hobby (s)?

    I am looking to pick up a new hobby, something to be passionate about.

    So I was just wondering what hobbies (besides ABDLism) you have and how you got into them and what it is about them that you like. For me a hobby I have is just listening to a vast variety of music. The thing I love about music is that is is inspiring to me all the different styles and techniques used in so many different genres, there's something for everyone, and I have always been into music, for as long as I can remember but I really started using it as a relaxation tool/ coping mechanism a couple years ago.

    So ADISC, what is your hobby?

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    I'm a lighter collector. It stated with my dislike of disposable...lighters. It's cool knowing you have things from the early 1900's.

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    I've got a bunch of Zippos and some rare knockoffs but it's not my hobby. I used to be into HO trains and insulator collecting as well as matchbooks. matchbox cars, hotwheels and porn. Now I'm trying to unclutter my home and life but am working on a half dozen generators and 4 motorized bicycles I putting together that entertain me. Music and movies do fill in the inbetween times while working or in the web forums.

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    At times I think I have a hobby of doing hobbies. I collect and work on model railroading things including listening to scanner to see what the 12 in= 1 ft guys are up to, collecting railroad china and hardware, books on railroading. I also do wood working, organizing my shop so nothing is in small jars of stuff, Plastic bead work; Christmas ornaments and place mats, Latch hook rugs and Coin collection. It is basic therapy for me to keep my hands busy so me mind does not have time to dwell on things I can not control.

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    Hobbies of hobbies for hobbies... I don't know why but I like these kinds of threads.

    My biggest hobby is writing stories. I got started into this hobby back in middle/high school after reading a lot of Stephen King and Dean Koontz books. What I like about it, is that I can create the kinds of things I normally wouldn't be able to, while I become a god of sorts for all the fictional worlds my twisted and demented mind can come up with...

    After that, trains - both model railroading and the actual trains that can smash cars into tiny pieces. I got my first train set as a kid, and ever since then, my fascination for trains has grown exponentially. And even now days, I always carry a hand-video-camera with me at most times so I can get video of trains passing through town. I don't know what it is, but I have this fascination with trains.
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    My other big hobby is arts-n-crafts - plastic canvas, cross stitch, crochet etc etc etc. Boy do I LOVE being able to make stuff like this with my hands. I've made a minecraft creeper out of plastic canvas, made a few new stuffed animals using crochet, and have made a venture into cross stitch. My new project is a cross stitch emblem of the Union Pacific railroad logo, the Anthrocon logo and whatever else I like to make.
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    Anything involving computers or rugged terrain. Programming, gaming, white water kayaking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are top of the list.

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    I have a few under my belt.

    The first is clothes/costume/cosplay/dress making, this originally stemmed from my desire to start doing cosplays of characters I like, which then sprouted into something bigger when I started taking a textiles class earlier on this year at my local college. Including making a dress and leotard set for a member on here, which I have talked about in a blog in the past.

    The second is anime reviews, I like to write my opinions on certain animes that I watch, whether it be ongoing or a series that's on my backlog that I need to watch, whatever it may be, I love writing about it because it feeds a bit of my journalistic instincts and my need to get my opinions out in the open.

    The third is voice acting, since I hope to achieve some kind of career in the future regarding that kind of thing, I try to emulate or make up voices of characters from certain movies, animes, books, manga's, television shows and all that which I like, to try and copy them so I can do it for projects in the future on the internet and perfecting my voice in the event I need to change it.

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    I enjoy photography, I love being able to get that perfect shot, its brilliant and so satisfying. I also like extreme sports such as mountain biking and trials bike riding, there great fun and its good exercise

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    Reading, writing; I enjoy bogging about current affairs and writing fiction, sic-fi especially. I hope to have a novel published some day. I like cooking, playing tennis, badminton, golf, drinking wine (not at the same time) meeting friends, driving, gaming, and so on.

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