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Thread: Diapers and Epilepsy

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    Default Diapers and Epilepsy

    I'm wondering if there are others on here who have Epilepsy.

    One of the first things I learned during my Grand Mal (Generalized tonic clonic seizures) seizures is that would loose control of my bladder and bowels. I was embarrassed still coming out of the seizure and realizing that I had wet and messed myself. I know I should not been embarrassed by something I had no control over but I was.

    At the worst of my seizures I was having about 3 Grand Mal seizures a week. After about the third seizure I realized I needed to wear diapers to contain the lost of control. I was lucky that the doctors were able to get the seizures under control with medications . but it took about three months to do this.

    I know that there are a lt of us who deal with other health problems than just being IC.

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    For the first time in like, forever, we have what I consider a decent post here, with a reasonable question. Yes, diapers are a valid medical solution if anything that involves loss of control is involved, even if it is intermittent. I don't have epilepsy myself, and consider myself as very fortunate for that. None the less, others here are familiar with my being on the Autism spectrum. The two aren't related, but both can warrant having something for protection even though an incontinent episode is unlikely. I hope you find some good responses to your thread, krellen.

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    I think you are perfectly justified in wearing diapers considering the medical circumstances. As an interesting side note, our son and daughter-in-law are foster parents to a boy who is extremely autistic and has seizures. It seems that there can be a connection. At least there is for him. His mother recently died from seizures which is why they now have temporary custody of him. Our daughter-in-law is an RN at the school he attends. He also wears diapers, in part because he is intellectually challenged, probably caused by the many seizures he suffered throughout his life.

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    Well of course for me it's an "easy" answer: yes, diapers are a VERY VALID medical solution to anyone suffering from loos of control over bladder/bowel stuff.
    I know that some - even within the medical (and even within the IC) "Community" (outside of AB/DL) - regard diapers with a LOT of issues.
    I have been to IC support groups and basically called names (yes... sad but true) for opting with diapers as a working solution for myself instead of let me say Condom Catheters, etc.
    Doctors have insisted on "treating" my condition with severe medication that had so many nasty side effect that it would basically have been a lot more "crippling" than my IC problem on it's own.
    And even the "best" medicated approach did never fully solve the IC issue - so at least thin pads were still required... BUT NO DIAPERS (at least during the day, the night seems to be a different issue).
    And for some Doctors, ICs, etc.. that is all that matters: NO DIAPERS.
    They regard it as ultimate defeat, as something that only the old people do, and it's not recommended or spoken about.
    I actually had a hard time - even though being classified as fully (bladder) incontinent to get my "original" Urologist to write me a perpetual prescription for the night diapers, day diaper & pads.
    You should have seen the look on his face when I told him that I rather wear diapers / pads for the rest of my life as to go with another sickening bit of medication, some proposed surgery (with less than a 10% chance of success according to the doc) or other so called solutions.
    He then insisted (for the like 5th time) that I should really give condom catheters ANOTHER chance... he said (and I remember this to this day almost verbatim) "it (condom catheters) will have less of an adverse effect on your self esteem".
    At that point I told him that it actually is quite the opposite. and he was getting "frustrated".

    Anyhow, why did I tell you all this:
    The problem I see is, that so many people - even amongst the medical community and the IC - are so vehemently against diapers and many make such a fuss about having to use them none the less. People are basically considered "wrong" if they choose diapers and even more wrong if they don't make a damn proclamation about how ashamed and how TEMPORARY it is and that it's NOT A SOLUTION, BLAH.

    To me, if you have a condition (rare or often) that can cause you loss of control over those functions, I would consider diapers / pads probably the best and most comfy solution out there, even if you will actually just "have to use them" very rarely.
    But it can give you a lot of "ease of mind" .

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    i also have epilepsy. It is totally controlled and I don't think I have ever had any loss of continence as a result of my fits. I just wanted to say that there is someone here who "gets it" Epilepsy is a damn nightmare. One minute you're happily chatting with your friend or chowing down on a beef sandwich, then literally a split second later you wake up in hospital with your family around u. You feel like u have done ten rounds with mike tyson and the only thing you can think of is the words "oh my god I think my entire body is broken" as u slowly sit urself up to vomit before passing out and sleeping for another 12 hours.
    Horrific condition, no matter how often/rare the fits happen.
    You have my empathy!

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