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Thread: Adult rash cream.

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    Default Adult rash cream.

    Has anybody seen these commercials on TV for Balmax rash cream?
    I was in my local CVS yesterday and looked on the shelf to see if they had it.
    Has anybody seen this or has used it. I wonder if it is any better than the
    cream's for baby's. The commercial is a short one with two women in it.

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    It looks like standard baby barrier cream.

    That said, if you want stronger protection, Zinc Oxide isn't too hard to come by, and salve bases are simple work for anyone who has the time.

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    I use Desitin. I was wondering after I saw the commercials if anybody had used it.

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    I found the cream at my local CVS in IC diaper aisle. I
    bought a tube and am going to compare it to Desitin.

    Here's a link Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream

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    From the drug facts, it looks just like the diaper rash creams. Repackaged and probably with a different fragrance for the people who don't want to use a baby product.

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