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Thread: AB Sleeper Material; fleece or cotton?

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    Question AB Sleeper Material; fleece or cotton?


    I'm thinking about buying a sleeper from and they do them in both Cotton and Fleece. Does anybody have any preferences? I live in Scotland so temp is never really cold or really hot.


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    I prefer cotton to fleece any day, but I also like colder temperatures. Fleece is just too warm for me. The onesie I have is 100% cotton and it's so comfy! I used to like sleeping in just a diaper but the onesie is amazing.

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    this is what i wear when i go to bed it is Fleece its very nice Click image for larger version. 

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    I have both, fleece for winter and cotton for summer. I think temperature dictates the material.

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    I have the heavy fleece from Pajama City and it is too hot even on the coldest winter nights if I for get to turn the heat down. I do love them even though I'm DL way more than AB.

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    In the past cotton...I was hot at, I'm cold at nite...usually a onesie and cuddle fleece footies...


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    I love fleece! It's a bit too hot sometimes, but it's just so soft. <3 Cotton just can't match that feeling.

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    At my age I chill easily so I prefer fleece. I just happen to have 5 of them.

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    I have both cotton and fleece. I like cotton better because I don't feel hot. With fleece I feel hot.

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