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Thread: best overnight store brand?

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    Default best overnight store brand?

    I Have been searching for the best overnight store brand diaper (whether pull-up or brief). My problem is I tend to be very active in my sleep so often times i will leak by squishing the saturated diaper.
    Any ideas?

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    Not sure where you are, but the CVS Maximum Absorbency briefs doubled up or with a stuffer seem to work pretty good.

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    Which stuffer/soaker would your recommend.


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    I use a Huggies overnight size five and they work great with the CVS briefs

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    Quote Originally Posted by oboysetht View Post
    I use a Huggies overnight size five and they work great with the CVS briefs
    Agreed, probably the best setup I could come up with without ordering online.

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    Right now i am using cvs briefs with l/xl goodnites. Ill tell you how it turns out

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    To avoid "press-out" leaks, you need to find a diaper with some sap in it, that will lock away the wetness. Most of the cheaper store diapers are low or zero on sap and you're basically wetting a paper towel that's good to get a wring-out when you roll over. Several here suggest using baby/pullup diapers as stuffers, and that's a good idea as those are frequently high in sap. Then the cheap store diaper holds it in place.

    But the only permanent fix of course is to order decent diapers online.

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