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Thread: getting into REAL diapers...

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    Default getting into REAL diapers...

    So i have stayed to pull-ups until recently, and would like some advice in getting some good diapers to start with. Im 19 years old and am more on the side of a DL than an AB, but if the option presented itself...
    P.S. I mostly like to wet, but i dont mind soiling either.

    i hope to get to know some new people!

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    definitely retail, i dont really have anywhere to ship them to at the moment...

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    i was in the same boat i recently just made my first diaper purchase from the store . the first time i went i wanted to try and find the abena m4 but i had no luck (they didnt really have much options were i went), so i went with a cvs lookalike brand which is still good. Im kinda skinny so i wanted to try something with tapes

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    Thanks smokey, i was kinda thinking of tapes as well. Did the cvs brand work?

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    So far I like them but they are the only ones I tried. When I first tried them they I found them extremely comfortable and when I did test them they seemed to hold a decent amount (about 2 wettings), one problem I had though is the side of the legs leak a little when i was laying dwn. There called exact but look exactly the same as CVS you couldn't tell the difference but could be a knock off : /

    anyways hope that helps on your decision and also best to think it out in your head first if you have problem with nerves like I do. Take care.

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    If you wish to advance to ordering online, considering utilizing a parcel pick up service. UPS Stores will usually hold packages for a daily fee (Some will do so even if you don't ship it via UPS), same with select FedEx affiliates.

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    thanks, so they hold them at the actual shipping office?

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    you could also rent a mailbox... Canada has privatized post offices in retail pharmacies mostly and they rent postal boxes. The beauty is they'll stash larger parcels behind the counter or in the back.This is a possibility to consider.

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