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Thread: Why do we have to have our diapers covered when we are outside?

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    Default Why do we have to have our diapers covered when we are outside?

    I have often wondered why some people take offence of seeing an adult outside in only a diaper. Are there unwritten laws that says that after a certain age that you can not be outside in just a diaper?

    I am not talking about going to the mall wearing only a diaper but being in your own yard. A diaper covers more than some swim suits I have seen and no one thinks anything about seeing some one in a skimpy bathing suit.

    I have long gotten over the fact of others knowing I wear diapers. If I am comfortable with being in my diapers isn't that all that should matter?

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    The problem is the same as if an adult were to go outside wearing only their boxers or briefs. It is generally not considered acceptable to be out and about in nothing but one's underwear.

    Swimwear is a different context altogether.

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    Yeah, there's that old double standard again. You can wear a robe outside with nothing on underneath (I have no idea who does that), or be like my neighbor and wear nothing but his swimsuit outside while drinking a beer. But underwear (unless you're sagging your pants) and diapers (unless you're under 4) is considered unacceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krallen
    If I am comfortable with being in my diapers isn't that all that should matter?
    If you're also comfortable with being selfish, sure.

    It's called general decorum, some people have it, some don't. For the sake of my fellow man I know which side I'm on.

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    Hopefully we try to accept ourselves and be comfortable as ABDLs. But can't change the world nor the world of perceptions (and reactions) unfortunately. I am so much more comfortable as an AB but accept to limit to our house (though at around midnight I walk the dogs in my shortalls with pleasure, I rarely encounter people at this time and if I do I just ignore them.) thank's to my wife too who promotes these outings!

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    Seeing an adult walk around in a diaper wouldn't bother me much, but it does unnerve most people. I think, because of what people use diapers for, it may come off as being unsanitary in some places. There's also the fact that people will judge the wearer harshly- either with heaping amounts of pity that someone has to wear one, or with mocking laughter and even outrage if the wearer is ABDL. Propriety has much to do with it as well. Sure, parents let toddlers run around in diapers all the time, or sometimes even fully nude, but it's expected that when we get older we cover parts of ourselves.

    I think general exposure to the public won't end well, but I would love to see some safe spaces where AB/DL/IC people can hang out in diapers without having to cover up for fear of the reaction of others.

    I'll save my true outrage and psychotic hatred for slacker teens and college-age kids who walk around in broad daylight in pajamas and flip flops.

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    Because it's appropriate to cover them up and it's inappropriate to go out in a diaper with nothing over it. Same applies to underwear and bras. A diaper is treated like underwear.

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    There is no logical reason. As other have said diapers cover more than other clothes.... but In truth it should be similar to wearing a speedo. You would not wear a speedo or bikini bottom to the mall. I don't have a problem with wearing a diaper as long as you either are wearing two diapers, or plastic pants. Wet disposables show when one has had an accident. It is kind of gross. Occasionally the wet gel will clump and the diaper could become see through. I have seen my little fella through a really wet diaper before. Not appropriate. I think diapers belong on the beach or sunbathing, pride parades, clothing optional places... ect. I consider diapers interchangeable with speedos/bikinis.
    Next halloween I plan on wear and use my real diapers underneath a bambino classico. The bambino will be there to cover up my wet diaper so no one will be the wiser. I also plan on going to a party for college age people not a little kid friendly venue.

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    I know how you feel. I see no problem with wearing diapers everywhere. I mean not at work, maybe, but even if your just wearing a diaper no one has the right to tell you that its wrong. We have a right to pursue happiness and if it includes diapers so what. Its just we should try to avoid conflict with thoughs who dont share our veiw. Its understandable why we should not go out in just a diaper, but if im wearing a kiddish t-shirt and shorts over them thats fine. Then i express myself without directly causing attention attention to me. If someone else calls me out about my clothes or they notice my diaper under my shorts its not my problem. I tried to hide it for them and i can wear whatever i what. Dont stare at my butt if you dont want to see it. So yes while i agree in my yard i do what i want, in public you should hide it to avoid conflict becuase people just love to tell others how to live even if that person isnt doing anything wrong.

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    It's allowed to wear just a thong, but not a boxer or diaper..

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