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    A Dream

    Yesterday I had a dream, but it wasnt any ordinary kind of dream. In it a person i loved was babying me. I woke up feeling great about myself. Ive struggled with depression my entire life, ive loved being little my enitre life but theres always been a pang of guilt attached to it. I hardly ever dream, and never are they good ones. Ive never even had an abdl related dream before this. Before i had gone to sleep i tried as hard as i could to let completely go of my worries and regress farther than i ever have. This dream, though very short was enough to make me rethink the decisions ive made in my lifethat have lead to my sadness. I also now know that i need to embrace my little side way more because it makes me feel happier than anything in the world than to truly act like myself.

    I have never been so happy in my life. And i never wish to forget this moment.

    Have a joyous day everyone.

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    really nice post i feel good just reading it. good for you super hugs.

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    I think a lot of us have tried to suppress our little sides not understanding that they are just part of us. It is hard to explain to others just what our feelings about being little are. But they are very real.

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    Was good reading what you put, I hope you continue to feel better and that you get more good dreams :-)

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