July is sure gonna be the most hectic and busiest month of this year so far for me. With a coworker who may get let go, it means the rest of us will have to pick up the slack. I don't mind, it's more hours and more money, but it'll be a bit busy. @[email protected]

Not only that, but I also have new better paying job opportunity too this month, so It appears that this month will be quite progressive for me XD. However also during this month, me and a few friends are gonna stay in a hotel for a couple nights to celebrate their college graduations, and we're still in the middle of planning and organizing it. @[email protected]

Also the Fire Department is sending someone to inspect our house to make sure that none of our electrical outlets are gonna fritz out and start a fire, at the same time we gotta have the air conditioning serviced, and We have to fumigate the house for termites. @[email protected] All of which requires and mandates that I have to clean my room and use up all of my stash of diapers before then, because I can't think of anywhere else to hide it from anyone.

I value my privacy <.< So the part that I have to open up my room to outsiders is probably what bothers me most.