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Thread: DL from Illinois

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    Default DL from Illinois

    Hi all! Nice place you've got here!

    Old man alert - I am a near-50 year old DL from the Chicago area. Have been diapering on an as-possible basis for as long as I can remember. Since my pre-teen years at least.

    Why "as possible"? Because though my wife knows I wear and use diapers, she is not accepting of this part of my life. I don't wear around the family at all. So I only diaper as the opportunity occurs.

    Thankfully, my job entails a lot of travel, so I have fairly frequent opportunities for diapering.

    What brings me here? The never ending search for a good story. Judging by what I have seen here so far, I am in the right place. There is a host of talent posting on these pages.

    I may drop in to your chat room from time to time to see how it goes. I used to regularly chat at DPF but that room disintegrated into arguments and flame wars over the years. Even today the primary means of communication there seems to be the PM. That's all fine and good but not what I am looking for.

    Certainly, there is a sometimes sexual side to my involvement with diapers. But mostly I enjoy the comfort, security, and convenience they provide. I have a loving wife and no need or interest in seeking any outside relationships.

    And no, I am not interested in meeting in real life. For me, the risk to reward ratio just doesn't make good sense.

    So, with your kind permission, I'll go back to lurking. Thank you!


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    Um....."head tilt" Welcome sorry I just dont' see that many people around 50 into this stuff.

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    Well, welcome to the site.

    Good that you keep in mind how others think about it.

    Have fun and don't forget to post around.

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    welcome aboard. This site does many of the things dpf set out to do in the early days but is quite a different environment. I have had understanding gf's but none of them wanted to be 'involved' with that side of things; they didn't mind that I had strange outside interests. It sounds like we may be getting more and more exdpf-ers trickling in as this is a highly functional environment, growing fast but staying stable. Flaming is hosed down as soon as it is spotted and we try to keep arguments polite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshin Himura View Post
    Um....."head tilt" Welcome sorry I just dont' see that many people around 50 into this stuff.
    There are lotsa "older" folks into this stuff... we ain't the first generation of AB/DLs... though we may like to think so sometimes.

    Most older folks just don't cruise this particular board.

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    uh... I'm from the other side of the planet =(

    anyhoo, welcome to the forums, don!

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