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    Hey what are y'all thought on the swim diaper. Do they work how do they work.

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    Was there a certain brand that you are asking about?

    Basically a swim diaper is for people that have bowel incontinence. They aren't really made for wetting accidents. They are for keeping fecal matter out of the water. As far as do they work, I'm going to say yes. I've never personally worn one, or have the need to wear one. But I've babysat my little cousins that needed them.

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    Just saw the adult swim diaper online and wanted some more info. Was hopping it would work for pee

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    The point of most swim diapers is to hold in poop while you're in the water. I imagine it might have a limited capacity to hold pee like swim diapers for when kids are on the way to the pool but little else.

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    No, I don't believe there is a swim diaper out there that will absorb pee.....that would defeat the purpose. Swim diapers are made disposable and NON-ABSORBANT so they don't swell up like a regular diaper would, while still containing any fecal matter. If swim diapers absorbed pee, why not just use a regular diaper?

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    GRst is exactly right. They are (potentially ineffective) feces containment only.

    If you order the rather expensive trek containment diaper, note well, their sizing is Way small.

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    You all are correct - a swim diaper actually is properly described as a fecal containment swim diaper. The SoSecure is a good example. I am fecal incontinent and use the SoSecure swim diaper when I am in the pool.

    Regarding sizing, do note that, to do its job the fit must be TIGHT, not just snug (almost uncomfortably tight)! Leaking any amount of fecal matter into the pool absolutely is not a risk any of us who is FI wants to take.

    Regarding urine, it might contain a small quantity of urine, but is not designed for that. When I have had water get inside the diaper it is contained there until I leave the water and break the seal around the legs to let it drain out.


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    So if they pee, do they pee through the diaper and it runs down their legs?

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    Yes, if a child (or person) uses one while NOT in the water, the urine runs out the sides of the diaper. They absorb less than 1ml of fluid. I know this first hand, I went on a trip with my aunt, uncle, and young cousin. He was in a swim diaper, and had an accident in the hotel lobby......needless to say, the carpeting in the lobby ended up with a wet spot.

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    There are a few adult swim diapers out there that are supposed to be completely waterproof and keep pee in. Not sure how well they work on someone that can swim, they are probably designed with physical therapy of people that can barely move in mind.

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