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    Default finally accept myself

    Being a DL/AB for 16 years now i finally accept myself for who i am i have had girlfriends leave me off it i have been told to chose them or my fetish over it and in the end this is who i am im not hurting myself or others i have a job i pay rent pay my own bills and i feel pretty damn good to be a AB/DL

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    You won't find any happiness with yourself or your life until you fully accept yourself for who YOU are. Congrats man !

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    I have found that it's more of a direction than a destination, but seriously starting down that parth is a good thing.

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    Accepting ourselves if the first step to understanding our selves. I too have had problems with GF's not accepting diapers. But I wear for need, Am a bed wetter. Was engaged once, we were even living together. She knew I needed diapers at night. But I guess she couldn't take the fact that I would always be in diapers at night.

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