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Thread: Where does the line between AB and DL lie?

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    Default Where does the line between AB and DL lie?

    Is there a line?
    Is becoming an AB a follow on from being a DL?

    When I was younger - read high school - Nappies, sure. Baby powder / cream, heck no. Plastic pants? Nope. Onesie? You must be joking. Paci? Yeah right. Crib / highchair? Running for the hills.

    Now, being more mature... Yeah right.
    Baby powder, cream - Yes, must use it every time, plastic pants - Sure!
    Onesie - Well, at least mum will be happy i'm wearing pyjamas rather than sleeping naked. Pacis hurt my teeth - Might have to try and obtain a NUK5. Bottles? Got a horrible cold, would be nice to have something warm to drink while lying in bed.
    Crib + highchair? If I was living along / significant other rather than flatting - Would be trying to build something.

    So, line or blurred reality.

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    I think it varies from person to person.I would think for some being a AB leads to being a DL and vice versa.
    My ex was a DL only, but since I was a AB only. He changed, growing a bit of a AB side! I myself will forever be a AB ^^

    I don't know how it is here but in the babfur community ,at least the ones I hang with they will get offended if called diaperfurs! babyfurs are something innocent and sweet, nothing sexaul involved. and my diaperfur friends get upset if called babyfurs. They dont act like babies, it's silly!!

    ha ha ha so I think there is definitely a line, even if there is a small one :3

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    It's difficult because AB and DL aren't really either end of a single spectrum. Bittergrey came up with something called the ABDL triangle where the three corners represent reasons infantilism gives people enjoyment. Briefly they are:
    Change in role (vestism) - where the idea or 'being a baby' is the appealing part, in a similar sort of vein to transvestism.
    Loss of control (masochism) - where the appeal is the lack of control you have as a baby, not just being a baby.
    Fetishism - where the attraction is to a particular object or set of objects, usually nappies in this case.

    Classically the first two would be more aligned to AB behaviour and the fetishism to DL behaviour, but there are obviously limitations with that picture because of the degree of overlap. It is perfectly possible to be attracted to both specific objects and one or more behaviours at the same time, indeed it seems more common than not. Unless you are purely at one of the corners of the triangle, or the edge between the first two, you are a mix of AB and DL. Previous surveys on understanding infantilism have come up with the result that only 30% of the community lie at the extreme ends of the spectrum.

    As for why people change from one to the other or a mix? I think it's because people first identify an activity they like and assign themselves as either AB or DL, then as they get older or explore the interest a bit more they get a better picture of what kinks they have.
    I would argue there is particular likelihood of progression from DL to AB behaviour if the interest starts being expressed around puberty. At that age all the hormones are running high so sexual matters, at the time those parts and urges are developing, are likely to overshadow more subtle things. Nearly everybody gets sexual pleasure from something, even people who might describe themselves asexuals commonly have fetishes. Once you move past those early teen years and the hormones settle you might start to realise you enjoy the loss of control in playing baby or decide to give other objects a try rather than focussing solely on nappies.

    As sexuality seems somewhat fluid and activities people enjoy tend to to change other time it seems only natural that people often move around within the category of ABDL.

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    Why not both? *plays Mexican music*

    But seriously though, it's alright to show aspects of both. No need to draw lines in the sand. I like to drink from a bottle and suck on pacifiers but I find it hard to regress and act like a baby.

    I've also seen cases where someone loves playing baby but want nothing to do with diapers! So just do what you want and don't sweat the details. They do put the AB and the DL together for a reason

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    I would say i'm more of a Diaper Lover than an Adult Baby. But every now and then i have urges to regress and use items like paci's. I am more about using and loving diapers than actually regressing.
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    I think the only hard line between the two is that DL's are interested in a kind of sexual release that is in some way related to diapers. When I originally started looking at ADISC I was predominantly DL but by hanging around some of the people on here and being open to new experiences I've developed an AB side.

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    You also have people like me that are ic...

    Now we need these, but if you can have some fun and enjoy it what not!


    I didn't know about the whole ab thing till introduced to it by an ex girlfriend...

    Some of the reason she is ex has to do with the who ab thing and wanting it more than I as the felt like one day I'm introduced to it and the next day I'm immersed into it...that's a hard change...especially I was young then too...

    So, anyhow I wore diapers for need since, where is that on the scale of ab/dl?


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    I don't see it as a line but rather I picture two circles that slightly overlap. The small area that overlaps is the one thing abs and dls have in common - diapers. Even if you say you are "just" a dl (like me) you still have at least one thing in common with an ab. Will the area of overlap grow? That's up to the individual and how much "exploring" you want to do.

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    I'm not AB at all
    Onesie is not only for babies, it has its practical uses and I wonder why incontinence stores don't sell them..

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    I definitely oscillate between AB and DL. At first, diapers were sexual to me and I found the idea of being AB silly. But then I tried it and I've embraced my inner toddler. He needs it. *I* need it, and it takes me beyond the sexual aspect of diapers and into a whole new headspace.

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