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    Default Bed Time Stories.

    How many like bed time stories? Does someone read to you or do you have them on CD. Mine are on CD's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krallen View Post
    How many like bed time stories? Does someone read to you or do you have them on CD. Mine are on CD's.
    My wife has found a number of little kid stories for her Ipad. They are self read and have the same pictures as a book. Some or interactive. Anyway, when I'm in "little mood", she'll hold her Ipad (this is in bed right before I go to sleep) and she plays the story for me. My favorite is "Goodnight Moon" and "Nighty, Night".

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    I would kill for my brother megachar to read me a bedtime story if it were more feasible (Skype and different schedules make it hard), but reading them myself isn't that great.

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    I really love it when someone reads to me. I had a guy I used to know do it for me once or twice and it was really nice. I long for the day when I am in a relationship with someone who will read to me. They have to have the voice for it, though.

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    I did not think of it in this light, but I love to go to sleep with radio classics playing. It is just relaxing to have the old time radio stories playing. My favorites are X minus one, Suspense, Gun smoke, Fibber McGee and Molly, and .............. I do love The Halls of Fantasy and Lights out, But not a good one to go to sleep to unless you like waking up screaming.

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    hey there. i would like some one to read to me for bed time that would be soooooooo! nice. hope you are well super hugs little leo

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    I think when I was little my mom used to occasionally read to me. I think hearing my boyfriend's really deep and "tough" voice all gentle towards me reading something like "Guess How Much I Love You" would melt my heart (even though I'd make him pretend the small rabbit's a girl, hehe). ...But it's not my place to ask, not to mention he'd probably wouldn't want to. At least I can daydream, though. ^-^

    Regardless, I haven't and don't think reading to myself at night would make me feel anything. :c
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    I have bedtime stories on my mp3-player and then I just take it with me to bed, together with my paci and my plushies and some other essentials

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