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Thread: What do diapers really! do for you ?

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    Default What do diapers really! do for you ?

    I apologize be for hand if this post has come up be for. But i'm very interested to find out more about other peoples perspective and in return i might be able to learn a little more about my self. So my question is what do diapers/nappies really do for you as a person what do you gain form wearing them how do you feel is it sexual is it comforter is it out of need or some think else ?. I know there are many reasons why people wear but what's yours ?. Thank you for taking the time. big hugs little leo

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    Well, I have autism... and other issues. So, it's mostly the feeling I like the best. I just like being in diapers because I have a sense of childishness. It's really hard to explain, but I am like this adult child. It's due to my disabilities. I don't want to keep repeating myself, so I'll leave it at that. ^^

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    I'm a rageaholic. I worry constantly, I sometimes fear that life itself is out to screw me over. I feel like I am cursed and never allowed to obtain the things in life that make me happy. I am negative, abrasive, and in the end, afraid that everything is going to be taken away from me, and that the only thing left I will have is the laughter of others around me, laughing at me.

    It comes from being chronically bullied at school. It comes from several drastic, traumatic events in my life that have made me feel like any time something good happens, that the other shoe is going to drop and I will be kicked in the teeth again by life. It comes from my towering hatred of the unfairness of life itself- the fact that we are born only to die, that everything and everyone we love is going to go away or we will be ripped from them horribly at some point. And we have this astounding ability to bullshit ourselves while the clock keeps ticking.

    Diapers take my mind off of all of this. For the most part. Regression helps me put things into perspective and not sweat the small stuff so much. I've been wearing almost 24/7 for three weeks. I normally go in phases like many here, but this is the longest stretch I've had in years. In fact, I've regressed more this time. Last time I didn't have a onesie and I didn't use my binky nearly as much. My husband has noticed the change in me. Others have too, I am nowhere near as on edge, angry, or paranoid as I once was, and I am still staring down the face of a lot of adversity and challenge that I would rather not face. Is everything peachy? No. It still sucks- a lot- and we're all going to die, probably in a ton of pain and agony, and we're going to watch our friends and loved ones vanish along the way. But, if I am in diapers, if I am in a pre-teenage mindset, the way I saw the world before I realized what an asshole it really was- I can handle adversity a whole lot better.

    And diapers cost less than a therapist.

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    I don't think this has been asked recently. For me, I like to wear in public when I am shopping alone. I'm not ic but have urgency issues and it's always a pain to plan my trips around a bathroom break. When I'm at home, it's a way to relax and forget all my adult problems for awhile.

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    Well, it's pretty simple for me: I wear mainly for the turn-on; diapers are a part of my sexuality.

    As a kid, though, I'm not quite sure what I'd have called my diaper habit. I've worn regularly since about age six, and back then it was certainly not a turn-on in the same way that it is today. I don't know if it was simply the feeling of the diapers themselves, or whether there was some emotional thing as well. It's funny that I remember so much about getting and wearing diapers when I was a kid, but the feeling of wearing has been lost to the mists of time.

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    Diapers were sexually appealing to me for a long time time, but recently I've discovered the comforting aspects. In bed, wrapped in my makeshift, cuddling my plushies, and sucking my paci, makes me feel at peace. It's a bit hard to explain, but basically it makes me feel comforted, safe, secure, and loved. I imagine I've been diapered by someone who loves me so much, that he/she doesn't mind diapering me and will let me stay padded forever.

    So, in conclusion, it fulfills my emotional needs that otherwise go unmet.

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    Diapers are just sexually appealing to me. But it's not even that, they are also just comforting. They make me feel at ease. Due to my disorders *adhd, OCD, Aspergers* I really had to grow up fast and was in a sense robbed of a happy and carefree childhood. Diapers are my escape. They make me relax. In a weird way they are my stress reliever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutisticChessie View Post
    Well, I have autism... and other issues. So, it's mostly the feeling I like the best. I just like being in diapers because I have a sense of childishness. It's really hard to explain, but I am like this adult child. It's due to my disabilities. I don't want to keep repeating myself, so I'll leave it at that. ^^
    I have a similar situation really (but I'm not really very far down the Spectrum, so I'm not too sure how much that influences me). It's also a bit of a turn-on for me (like Cottontail said), but recently I've seen them as a bit more of an escapism as I've previously done - I have anxiety/depression, so part of the wearing and whole AB thing is starting to get to me, with nappies being at the center of it.

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    For me they are a part of my sexuality, but that's not really what attracts me to them the most. Mostly it's just a comfort thing that is sometimes a turn-on. I've always felt like people are a little afraid of me and sometimes I just want to be cute and benevolent looking. I have a youthful and angelic face and look a lot younger than I am anyway, so diapers just fit the look. Plus they feel super comfy.

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    I wear for need and comfort. Still a little sexual now and then. But when I am diapered I am a Little boy, and I do what little boys do in their diapers. For a lot of us our diapers and AB is our safe place. It gives us our security that we lacked at some time in our lives. It is hard to explain to others, but some of us are both Adult and Kid (Baby). We do not hurt any one by what we do, what we do helps us deal with things. Accepting ourselves for who we are is the most important step we all most do.

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