Should I create a story for my fursona? I think it would be hard since I'd have to come up with other characters. I really want to be able to use her for something though. I think it'd be really interesting to try something new for a change, you know? The only problem is, I'm not even sure what kind of story to put her into. ><

I also thought of a DL idea, but I might hold off on that. On the writing site I go on, there are a lot of people that may or may not understand the whole AB/DL thing. I know there have been a few stories there about it, but I guess I don't really feel comfortable writing with it yet. It would be nice to give it some thought though. Maybe even spread awareness to ones that don't really understand it too. Do you think I should?

What are your ideas? I'm open for anything. ^^

(Sorry if I placed this wrong, I figured it belonged here since it has to do with story creation.)