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Thread: All Right Guys What is a furry?

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    Default All Right Guys What is a furry?

    Hey guys i couldnt find the answer on the forums. Can someone tell me what a furry is? people are referring to them selfs as being furry's?

    Is it like an AB Animal or something? Like in tiger onesies and stuff?

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    The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

    From Wiki. I tried to find a positive aspect of what they are.

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    Why not ask a furrie? There are a few right here, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins View Post
    Why not ask a furrie? There are a few right here, I think.
    A few? Only a few? furdisc is full of us!
    We probably outnumber the non-furs.
    And all of them are soon to be converted...

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    Heh... I'm still new to the furry fandom. ^^ So, I'm still learning more about it myself. I've gotten a picture with furries, so I'm interested in them. lol

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    Simple google searches will also yield thousands of results on what a furry is. There is no single definition of what makes someone a furry. It is a label you can choose to stick yourself with. It is different for everyone. But to put it simply, it is someone who enjoys Anthropomorphic artwork involving animals. Animals with human characteristics.

    But remember just because something is Anthro, does not make it furry, but if it's "furry" it is Anthro.

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    ahhh interesting. I thaught it was another branch of the ab dl fettish XD

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    Well I have had an affinity for raccoons since early grade school; being near them gave me a runny feeling rather akin to how being around someone you have a crush on feels. I didn't choose the species: it just happened that way, though. I do know I fantasized about wearing a fursuit way back in grade school. Like many I admire my species for all its positive attributes; I don't go so far as to feel I AM one though I am quite happy to dress up and act as one and feel a kinship with all others who also feel such an affinity with our species.

    Thats my personal profile in a.nutshell But ask 5 others and you'll get 6 different answers. as was said above. Oh right, nearly forgot... the diaper connection... apart from babyfurs for whom diapers are part of the fursona, under a fursuit they serve their intended purpose... full-suited furs are not far from their padding in many cases...

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