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Thread: Most powerful music videos

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    Default Most powerful music videos

    What music videos/ songs do you think have a really powerful meaning
    for me its hurt by johnny cash

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    i love this song and the video. what a man RIP Johnny god bless.

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    This one. Makes me bawl my eyes out every single time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins View Post

    This one. Makes me bawl my eyes out every single time.
    I have hope that much of what happened in that video will eventually be a historical memory for the entire human race, and not a current reality. Very powerful video and song - I just learned a few days ago about the existence of Sigur Ros, I'm happy for this coincidental sharing!

    Also Johnny Cash does indeed rock my socks, as does that video. I'm hard pressed to choose whether I like the original better than this epic cover - but thankfully I don't have to, I can enjoy both!

    Here's my long time favourite on the 'provocative music video front. Yes it was done before, and perhaps more thoroughly by Pink Floyd in the movie The Wall, but not in such a short, punchy, rocking effort. Mix Pearl Jam at their angry best with the artistic prowess of Todd McFarlane and you get this still relevant true story of mankind:

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    Not a great video but a great song.


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    This song never fails to make me smile.

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