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    Has anyone ever seen an adult-sized diaper pail, similar an baby's. I have tried baby diaper pails and they seem not to work very well and continously breaks down. If anyone knows where I can purchase one, I would appreciate it!!

    I have also tried ziplock bags but really hate having to deal with them. Thanks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Hmm, so he changed his name slightly, added an accent, and went into the diaper pail business. It all makes sense now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Hmm, so he changed his name slightly, added an accent, and went into the diaper pail business. It all makes sense now!
    Lolz, well done sir! used to offer a free pail with the purchase of over a dozen cloth diapers (which is how I got mine). I have no idea if they still do, but I know they exist. Realistically, one could get any trash can with a closing lid and use it for the same purpose and to the same effect.

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    I use an old 5 gallon bucket with an O-ring. Mine is a bucket for aquarium salt. It is smell proof. I painted it at put dinosaur stickers all over it.

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    I have one that is white and about 23 inches tall, rectangular shape, has a flat lid and fits right next to the sink in my bathroom. Works very well. Holds more than a week's worth of used cloth diapers for me, although I never wait that long to wash them.

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    In the UK and Europe the makers of TommeeTippee make an adult-sized pail available from Attends's website called EasySeal, it has a neat mechanism that twists the diaper-bag to individually seal each diaper, ensuring that no smells leak: Incontinence Waste Disposal System | Buy Incontinence Sangenic Incontinence Bin online from Attends. I have one of these at my home in the UK and it works well, but I should have gotten the version with the bigger bin because I fill it up after 5 or 6 diapers.

    I have a US DiaperGenie at home, it works for smaller adult-diapers that don't swell-up so much (like Depends, US Tena) but the mouth is barely large enough to accept a thicker diaper like an Abena M4. It's impossible to fit anything like a Bambino or Fabine in it, however - I've stopped using it, so it just sits in the corner of my spare-room.

    I have the taller, "Deluxe" version, it claims to hold over 100 baby diapers (probably Premie-sized), it doesn't really hold more than 3-4 adult diapers.

    Going by what I've seen and read, I'd recommend the Dekor XL in the USA as well, but I don't think it traps smells very well.

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    I have the Korbell Nappy Bin Standard that I bought from (So, EU). In hindsight, I should've gotten the Plus version, as the standard only holds 5-6 adult diapers, depending on how full they are (Although that does force me to empty it daily, which probably isn't a bad thing).

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