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    Smile new comer: toujoursbb

    Good evening or good day

    I had left ABDL groups for a few years (ABKingdom) but just found yours. Let's give it a try.

    Found you while searching for posts and images on high-chairs. In fact just had one made finally for me and got it last week thank's for my encouraging wife.

    I am 57 (don't look really that... ;-) ) and really feeling normally (I mean my real normal) perhaps 2, though my family life and professional life are doing good as well and need a grown up. Got three kids 18-20yo.

    Was so lucky when I met my (2nd) wife 7 yrs ago. It's like winning the Grand Prize. She would not want me different than I am. Could disclose to her my secret garden 1 month after we met (gradually) without fear. She is the only one in my life to know, and I don't regret having kept the secret so long. It's not by chance that I can be proud of being 24/7 in d... (I read I can't write the word) since 7 yrs, not counting time at the swimming pool or with the doctor.

    Ok for now and early presentation.

    Have a nice day-evening


    ps: mother's tongue = french, so excuse me for mistakes

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    Hello toujoursbb and welcome to the group.

    Do not worry about you communication skills. I have seen a lot worse, a lot worse from people on this site. I have no room to talk, my grammar is passable and my spelling is atrocious (thank god for spell check).

    I see that you have an understanding how these sites work, but could you please tell us a little more about yourself such as your interests and hobbies?

    Again welcome.

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    Thank's egor for the welcome word. That's nice.
    Well, I am a healthy professional in healthcare... Live on the southshore of Montreal. Remarried a few years ago, and more lucky this time, though I learned a lot from the first one. Know myself better now. Quite proud of the way things go with my youngsters (3). Find myself also privileged to have this cute and tender ABDL side. Totally non toxic and so good for the soul. Tchau!

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    Hello again.

    I did biomedical research for 19 years and was let go from restructuring. I had to go back to school to get the piece of paper that said I can do in humans what I did in everything imaginable. More specifically I got a phlebotomy certification. Then could not get a job drawing blood because I did not have any bleeding experience. I only drew blood from monkeys, dogs, cats rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, sheep, chickens and my boss once, but I did not have any experience. That and the fact that I processed the samples for research was not valid either, even though it was developing a couple micro-sample techniques that they were just starting to use in humans when I got my human training.

    I know it was because of that very answer that the lab supers did not want me around because I knew more then they did. But a last that is my one fault I do not know how to do dumb.

    So anyway thank you for the response and an opportunity to talk shop for once. I too have a 7 and 5 year old and they keep me busy.

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