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Thread: anyone going to burning man 2013?

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    Default anyone going to burning man 2013?

    just wondering..
    I just got tix, and I'm trying to get some for my friend. but it might be an opportunity to wear diapers and 'fit in' so to speak

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    People wear diapers at burning man? im from indiana so i wouldnt know.

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    I wouldn't unless I brought a AC'ed RV or something. It gets hot out there and you pretty much need to bring all the water you need which is gallons worth. Anyways diapers would just lessen the experience I think and I wouldn't bring anything you don't want stolen if your going solo and don't have friends that can watch your stuff.

    Also dust storms possibly blowing dust into your diaper.... I was up there once a few weeks before the festival and even that was fun. But given all the stuff you need to bring yourself plus the cost of tickets alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theodosius View Post
    Sounds worth it to me
    if you plan it out carefully and trust random strangers not to steal all your shit, yeah it is from what I hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theodosius View Post
    Ill have to go there one day then.
    Well, enjoy paying the 100+ dollars to go there. Cost of cross country travel unless you live in the western US, cost of food you need to pack and maintain same with ice and water.

    I don't know if they let food trucks in to sell meals. But I know they sell ice themselves at least from what I recall on their website two years ago they said they did. Also it's never really the same, it's mainly based on the people that show up. One attraction might be there one year and gone the next. Though they always light shit on fire anyway. But if that's the primary purpose to go, the person really needs to think that over.

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    I used to think about going there - but after having spent 15 minutes on their website, the fact that tickets are so expensive and all of the rules and regs and way too many people (40K plus)- seems like it has lost its way anymore from its original intent. Report back on your experience, but sounds like an overcrowded outdoor festival anymore.

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    It seems that all the great festivals end up in the crapper...

    I've been to burning man many ears was great...not so much anymore...

    Same goes for sturgis...I rode out there a few times... But it's all cops and ridiculous rules these days...


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    I go to Burning Man every year and love it. There's no place like it on earth. I don't share the opinion that it's gone downhill, though it certainly has gotten larger which poses certain challenges. FYI it is a gift economy; there's no commerce (e.g. food trucks) of any kind other than the organization's selling ice so people don't die in the desert. (They do also sell coffee and lemonade at Center Camp, which is an exception; the proceeds for this go to the local native american tribes and other charities. Regarding diapers, I've taken some every year but only last year finally worked up the nerve to wear one. However, it was under my pants so no one saw it except my friend. I did wear my paci around my neck which was fun (and which he made me suck on several times); the crowd there is so unusual and accepting that no one even thought twice about it. I never used my diaper though, since Burning Man is a leave-no-trace event (meaning there are no public garbage cans--everything you pack in you have to pack out.)

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