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Thread: Abena Delta form?

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    Default Abena Delta form?

    I usually wear abri-form m4's at home, but for my next order I was considering trying the delta-form m3's to potentially save some money.

    I wanted to know how the absorbency or fit is compared to the abri-form m4's. I assume it is less, but is it significantly less? Is it between the m3 and m4 in performance?

    Any other opinions or experiences with them would be great ! Thanks!

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    Iv never tried them. My guess would be that they are just a little less absorbant and may fit differently. may have to do some googling

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    I have used these in the past they have pretty good absorbancy on par with the 3 series aka extra. So no they are not as absorbant as the x-plus or 4 series but are really close like maybe 10oz less capacity. The other differences are the delta forms dont have a waistband and they are colored.( mediums are blue) which may not make a difference to you, personally i didnt miss the waistband and i dont care about color. The one reason I quit using them is because they switched to cloth covering but still use the same tapes the plastic ones used so they dont stay stuck good at all, cloth outer coverings have just never been abena's strongpoint

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    If you look on their diaper test/review page they did a review of the Delta from M3 and its almost as absorbent as the M4.

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