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    Hi, I forgot I joined this site. I just got a reminder that I haven't visited in a month. Anyway, I saw a documentary about guy whole lives as a baby. I don't think I'm that young acting, maybe 9 or 10 years old acting. I never really contain my childish nature, it's all that I am, I have nothing to replace it with.

    I don't really have a collection of toys or anything, I'm still trying to get a permanent place where I can settle in for the long haul. I've always lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I'm an artist, but I don't do it for money or anything, it's a habit or instinct, I'm not sure how to describe my need to draw maps, but I think it is something I would do even if no one ever saw my work. I think maps are my biggest talent and I plan to share them in whatever forums I'm in. I'm not sure what I'll get out of this site, but I think I will stick around a while and see what happens.

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    Hello darkseed2012 and welcome to the site.

    This is a very interesting site. I am a little surprised in as much as this is the first introduction that does not mention diapers. most people on her are either into diapers or taking care of someone who is into diapers. However there is a lot of information pertaining to age related role playing. I hope that you find something to interest you.

    My dad's family is/was from the Bay area, more specifically Oakland. I have been through there on multiple occasions, and collect a lot of videos from the 40's when SP and WP ran the ferries around on the bay, and the Oakland Mole was King.

    It is also interesting that you mentioned art. I do art/crafts for therapeutic reasons and I just stopped working on the latch hook rug project that I have been doing for the last 18+ months. I am creating a pattern of the last supper using excel. I will be looking forward to seeing your map projects you mentioned.

    Anyway welcome to the group, and I will be looking for your posts.

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    Here's a photo of one of my maps. The site doesn't let me load a full sized image.

    I'm not into diapers, it's not my thing, because my natural age level is around 9 or 10. I just haven't found an outlet for my playful side really, so it's been something I hide by simply not being around people.

    Click image for larger version. 

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