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Thread: Unexpected evening!!

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    Default Unexpected evening!!

    So I was waiting ALL day (until 6:30PM!) for my abena M4's to arrive. The mail truck slugged into the complex and I greeted the post lady a few minutes later.
    Well, it looks like my Bambinos came a few days early!
    So I'm checking them out (first time ever mind you) and they are really big and comfortable looking.
    She picks one up and kinda drapes a bambino in but without tapes. I was shocked! She put it down and said ok Walmart lets go! I wanted to badly to try it on right then but we had stuff to do and I was going to try it alone first.
    We go to Walmart and buy a large lockable truck for our things since we will rv expecting visitors soon.
    *side note: Walmart sells these awesome lockable chests by the way. Brand is Contico and it has a lock built in and tabs for more locks (we did buy more)
    We arrived and were just sitting on the bed when I hear something amazing. She says "I want to try one... No... Maybe a pull-up."
    So guess what?
    We went to CVS and got some Goodnites.
    Yep she was all excited about it! We bought them and got home.

    I was very surprised how large they were but not surprised adults could fit in them. She certainly did

    So here we sit. Watching Hercules the animated movie.
    The misses in a goodnite, Bambino for I.

    Quite nice. But she's still abit hesitant about it. I can completely understand though
    Baby steps

    Hope you enjoyed the read!

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    It is a very nice read. Hope your baby steps become leaps, but don't push it.

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    Great story man. Wish you luck in the future. But yeah don't push it let it happen.

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    Great read and good luck in the future and don't rush it.

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    That sounds terrific! Some people get all the luck :/ Oh well. Like everyone else said, take it slow and she might warm up to it.
    Who knows, you might get to the point when you're both in diapers, sleeping in each others' arms! XD

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    Yep it's just right now she completely supports me using them. It's just a little shocking to her at this point. She says it's just that they are so big and it's just different.
    One day she may wear them, and if not it's no big deal I get enough satisfaction seeing her curled up with a pack and a sippy cup
    She promises that she will never say I cannot, and promises she doesn't think it's weird. Just will take time since she's used to me being daddy and an alpha male. I can completely understand since I went from one side of the spectrum to the other
    Thanks for the replies everyone

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    man thats awsome . hope one day i can find that . diapers are def a sexual thing for me so being all curled up in diapers with a girl would a dream come true . good for you enjoy!!!

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